The Morning Briefing: Mayor Pete Enters the Biden Diversity Hire Hall of Failures

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Gelson insisted he could feel the will of Gordon Ramsay possess him whenever he was making frangipane.


When the Democrats decided to roll with Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential election, they chose the oldest, whitest guy they had available. The party that loves to talk about youth and diversity had begun the 2020 cycle with a huge primary field that was, in fact, relatively young and diverse, but their voters said, “Nah.”

As soon as Biden had secured the nomination, the efforts to make amends to the secular diversity gods were underway. It began with Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate and it went downhill in a hurry from there.

It should be noted that Democrats get very chippy if you refer to placing a premium on diversity when hiring people as “diversity hiring.” Our sister site Twitchy provided an example of that chippiness yesterday.

They do like to brag about it a lot, though:

When those of us in conservative media write about Biden’s diversity hires, we are merely going along with his administration’s playbook.

Perhaps the biggest mediocrity to secure a position in Joe Biden’s clown car by doing little more than flashing his Diversity Cred card is Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

By the time Buttigieg decided to run for president in 2019, his stint as mayor of South Bend, Ind., was winding down with a never-ending series of dumpster fires. There’s a good chance that, had Mayor Pete actually made it as far as the 2020 Indiana Democratic open primary, all of South Bend would have voted for him in the hope that it would get him the hell out of town.


His destiny was, as we all know, to fail upward, as so many Democrats do. Mayor Pete checks off the all-important “G” box on the Democrats’ LGBQT+ (everyone knows it’s the “+” people who make the big bucks, though) diversity list, so he was soon to become a cabinet member. Never mind the fact that black people in South Bend hate the guy; the Dems needed someone from every column.

To say that Buttigieg hasn’t handled his duties as Transportation secretary well would earn one an award for understatement. Prior to getting the gig, Mayor Pete thought that “supply chain” was a mobile game. While supply ships were backing up halfway to Hawai’i in Long Beach, Calif., Mayor Pete slipped out of town on paternity leave and spent a couple of months pretending to breastfeed.

After being shamed by Donald Trump into visiting the rail disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, Buttigieg once again wilted in the spotlight, which Matt wrote about:

After having waited weeks to finally show up, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio, didn’t go very well, as he faced a barrage of questions from the media regarding the slow response of the administration and his failure to come sooner. Based on his poor response to the questions, he was not prepared to handle the criticism.

“What I tried to do was balance two things,” Buttigieg tried to explain to reporters during a painfully cringeworthy news conference. “My desire to be involved and engaged and on the ground, which is how I am generally wired to act, and my desire to follow the norm of transportation secretaries, allowing NTSB to really lead the initial stages of the public-facing work.”

He added, “I’ll do some thinking about whether I got that balance right.”

The transcript is actually rather kind to the secretary. The video in Matt’s post shows just how much Buttigieg was not ready for his close-up.


He admits that he needs help, which he also said when frightened mothers weren’t able to get baby formula.

No, Pete, you need an easier job.

At this point, Mayor Pete is making White House Spokesditz Karine Jean-Pierre look calm, competent, and in control at her job.

Buttigieg is obviously in over his head whenever he’s under pressure. It’s probably safe to say that he wouldn’t have even been able to be elected the mayor of a college town without cashing in on the modern Dem diversity premium.

If this all seems a bit harsh…it is. These big-people jobs in the upper levels of the United States government are too important — and too well paid — to not have merit factor more into the hiring equation. It would be refreshing to see the next announcement of a hire on Team Biden lead with unique work history qualifications for the job rather than a shout-out to sexual orientation.

Oh wait, the Democrats do think that’s a unique work qualification.

Everything’s fine.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Apologies for last week’s unscheduled hiatus. Let’s start today with this from Eric:

After reading your newsletter, I started to wonder about these DAs being held legally liable for the crimes being committed by the criminals they are letting go. The murder of the college students would be a prime example. Is it possible to go after the DA for “aiding and abetting” a criminal in the performance of a crime? Maybe it’s time for a class-action suit. Seeing innocent people killed due to the negligence of liberal district attorneys cries for action. This needs to be stopped right now!


I’ve pondered along these same lines, Eric. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about law to hazard a guess. In a just world, when those tasked with protecting the public do exactly the opposite, the penalty would be steep. I think we all agree that we are most definitely not the inhabitants of a just world.

Lee writes:

Good morning Mr. Kruiser. If Augustus Gloop is to be made slim, isn’t that “fat shaming”?  Oh the irony.

I hadn’t even thought of that! HOW DO THESE PEOPLE LIVE WITH THEMSELVES?!?!?

Perry is a fan of the ’80s classics:

Thank you for posting the video to Pop Goes The World (again)!  I’ve always loved that song, but I hadn’t seen the video in many years.

Appreciate all that you do!

I’m so glad you liked it. I’m grateful that I was young in the 1980s and got to socialize with all that fun music as the soundtrack to my life. Pop Goes the World will be back again. That video is always worth revisiting.

I induced a coffee incident for Chris:

Hey Kruiser: since I discover PJ, I’ve been a regular reader of ur work. The opening paragraph to ur columns always makes me smile or laff. Today’s Lyle Waggoner bit got coffee streaming out my nose.
It wasn’t pleasant but I enjoyed the chuckle, don’t ever stop because regular readers can’t get enuff.

I’m always flattered when a line of mine re-routes liquid, whether I’ve written or spoken it. Let’s see what we can do with something carbonated next time, Chris!

We will finish with this from Stephanie:

“Hey, why visit suffering Americans in an area with a lot of Republicans when he can pretend to be Douglas MacArthur while meeting with a world leader who dresses like he gets nothing but Gap gift cards for Christmas every year?”

Loved that! 

Thank you, Stephanie. Admittedly, I’m a big fan of my work. However, I rarely smirk at a line I’ve just written. I know I at least smirked on the inside as soon as I finished that one.


And Zelenskyy’s frat Gap look irritates me. If I were president, I would deny him aid based on that alone.

Thanks to all who wrote in. Next week is the week I will start answering some of the emails privately too.

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