The Morning Briefing: 'Election Deniers' Are Destroying the Dems' False Narrative Machine

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Vincent was proud to be the last person in his bocci ball league to own and use an original Thighmaster.


On Monday, we went over the utter failure of the Democrats’ obsession with the J6 insurrection that never was to sway voters for the upcoming midterm election. This truly must be confounding to the Dems, who are used to being able to bully people by merely repeating a falsehood until it becomes the prevailing narrative.

The J6 caterwauling by the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media has always only been Plan B to distract from their myriad disasters though. Once the Republican primaries around the country were dominated by candidates backed by Donald Trump, they quickly decided to start barking “Election deniers!” like trained seals at SeaWorld.

The intent was to discredit the Trump candidates by labeling them with what the Ivory Tower Democrats believe to be a damning epithet.

Guess what? Nobody cares.

Not that the Democrats have figured that out yet. If you Google “election deniers,” you’ll see that the narrative coordination is still in full swing, especially as the election nears and the panic sets in.

In yesterday’s Briefing, we saw how Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake handles the denier harassment by turning the tables on reporters by rejecting the premise and pointing out all of the Democrats who have questioned election results. It’s an effective tactic that’s working wonders for Lake.

Another way to weaken the power of a false narrative is simply to ignore it.


Chris wrote a story yesterday about just how impotent this particular narrative is and how baffling that is to the eternally clueless Dems, or at least to the eternally clueless Jen Psaki:

Jen Psaki, former useful idiot for the White House and current useful idiot for MSNBC, can’t believe it. Her party believes that it’s peachy keen when Democrats question elections, but when Republicans do, it’s shocking. And appalling.

Psaki also has a hard time swallowing the notion that voters would be more concerned with their checkbooks more than punishing “election deniers.” But that’s what a recent New York Times/Siena poll revealed.

Here’s the tweet from the post:

Translation: How dare the hoi polloi be more concerned about their finances than about the manufactured temper tantrum we told them is important!

The former White House Spokesditz perfectly exemplifies the disconnect between D.C. Dems and regular America that so many of us have written about. They don’t understand that they no longer have the power to craft alternative realities out of whole cloth and force them upon the voting public via the media. This is going to be a long, painful breakup for them.


And it’s going to be a blast to watch.

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