The Morning Briefing: America's Cop-Hating Cities Will Soon Face an Ugly Reckoning

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Whenever Seth took edibles he would spend the next day wondering whether Yeti and Bigfoot ever Facetime.


The “Summer of Mostly Peaceful Fiery Violence” is two years in the rearview mirror now, and much of the country has moved on. The super woke commie blue cities that Granny Boxwine and the rest of the Democratic elite embraced are — SURPRISE! — facing a bit of a cop shortage, though. It turns out that His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama is the only Democrat who can routinely crap on law enforcement and still receive adequate armed protection.

Athena wrote yesterday about the sorry state of affairs in one of the showcase progressive hellholes from two years ago:

Progressive American culture has become so anti-law enforcement that police agencies across the country are struggling to hire adequate personnel. The problem is most pronounced in large urban centers, and a shocking new video illustrates the depths to which community relations with law enforcement have sunk.

Seattle, Wash., Washington, D.C., St. Paul, Minn., and Minneapolis, Minn., are among the prominent cities currently looking for someone brave — or foolish — enough to head up their police departments. Let’s zoom in on Minneapolis.

Unless you were in a coma, you heard about the fine, upstanding Minneapolis citizen, George Floyd, who ingested a lethal dose of fentanyl and passed away after fighting with cops and being subdued with one officer’s knee on his neck. Fiery riots and lengthy jail sentences for the officers ensued. Unsurprisingly, two years on, the Minneapolis Police Dept. is more than 100 sworn officers short of the minimum legal requirement of 731. MPD currently employs 629 officers; compare this to the 902 sworn who served there just weeks before the Floyd death.


Honestly, I’m surprised that there are that many cops left there after the viciousness with which city officials turned on law enforcement in the effort to canonize George Floyd.

Athena’s post is about some disturbing video from St. Paul, Minn. that shows some poorly raised toddlers  going off on police officers:

In the video, the group of toddlers and children is shown interacting with two police officers. Egged on by older children behind him, a barefoot boy of about four, clad only in a pair of children’s briefs, repeatedly verbally and physically assaults the officers.

“Shut up, b*tch,” yells the tyke. Failing to get a reaction, he moves in and strikes an officer. “Hey,” protests the man, and the boy repeats, “Shut up, b*tch.” Off-screen, a child accuses, “Wow, you pushin’ around a little kid.”

“These guys aren’t messing around,” mutters one officer to the other.

“F*ck off,” screams the child. He postures menacingly, hurls additional insults, and strikes the officer again. An older boy behind him eggs him on, referring to the officer as a “deep-fried Oreo head.” The abuse continues for several more seconds until the officers move away. (Qualls notes that “Alpha News is only publishing 30 seconds of the video, but it goes on for another two minutes.”)

If the children were old enough to have some muscle mass on them, the police would have been facing a hostile crowd and a dangerous situation, instead of merely a profoundly sad one.

These future Democrat leaders are probably not anomalies. Egged on by the guy at the top himself, the American left had already become vehemently anti-law enforcement during the Obama years. That turned into a Democratic leadership-approved frothing hatred in the summer of 2020.


Many of the big “defund the police” cities quickly realized the error of their ways and tried to undo some of the damage they’d done, largely to no avail. It turns out that blaming cops for everything kind of sticks with the cops. It’s a dangerous and difficult profession as it is; why would anyone want to do it in a city run by people who would rather side with criminals?

There’s no way that this works out well for the next few years in these cities. The criminal elements that flourished in them during the summer of 2020 have no doubt been emboldened by dwindling police presence. Because I am rather fond of sweeping generalizations, I’m willing to say that criminals tend not to clean up their acts when left unsupervised.

Unless the violent “defund” cities find some insane amount of cash to throw at hiring new police officers it’s unlikely that they’ll be adequately patrolled anytime soon. It would also be quite delicious if the cities that got into this predicament because they gutted their police budgets end up overpaying to get officers back.

Meanwhile, the dregs of their local societies will almost surely be looking for any excuse to peacefully protest and pick up some more free merchandise with the blind-eye blessing of the Democrats in charge.

The left doesn’t have principles or ideas that translate well into coherent policy; it merely has slogans like “Defund the Police” that get a lot of play in the criminally irresponsible mainstream media.

Many of America’s blue cities are going to find out that governing by hashtag has severe and long-lasting consequences.


Everything Isn’t Awful

Read the whole thread. It’s excellent.

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