The Morning Briefing: Hey FBI, We're Running Low on Those White Domestic Terrorists You Keep Warning Us About

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. There’s a little-known government cash prize for anyone who can find a guy named “Clint” in the mountains of Peru.


While it’s true that I am not a big fan of the federal government, it’s not as if I’m rooting against every person who works in it. That applies especially to those in law enforcement. In fact, I’d rather they be able to do their jobs well.

It’s the ones at the top who are usually problematic. They end up being generic, soulless bureaucrats after a while, forgetting whatever ideals of public service they may have had when they started out.

Bureaucrats love Democrats because Democrats are all about bloating and maintaining the bureaucracy. That explains why federal law enforcement continues to perpetuate the myth that the biggest threat to our safety here in America is lurking in the form of crazy white guy extremists, which is Leftspeak for “Trump voters.”

As my colleague Bonchie recently wrote at our sister site RedState, they’re working hard to keep that myth alive:

If you’ve followed the saga of the supposed plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, you’ve been privy to a variety of twists and turns over the last year or so. Those include the high probability that the FBI orchestrated the entire thing to entrap people and reinforce a politicized narrative, i.e. that the “right” is a domestic terror threat to Democrats. That fit right into what was being pushed prior to the 2020 election.

Sure enough, several different pieces of evidence emerged showing that FBI agents, including one who ended up being arrested for physically abusing his wife, were central to organizing and goading vulnerable, disturbed men to go along with the plot. Why did that happen? Again, it sure feels like politics was at the center of everything.


Persistent little devils, aren’t they?

Here’s the thing though: if you look around lately at the real threats to public safety, none of the suspects fit the “right-wing nutjob extremist” profile.

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Take the guy who is now in custody for this week’s Brooklyn subway shooting. Frank James is a black man who, as Victoria reported, wants to kill “all the whiteys.” Victoria wrote that this fine upstanding citizen was on the FBI’s radar, but they were probably too busy looking out for dudes in MAGA hats to keep an eye on him.

The suspects arrested for recent shootings in Sacramento and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are messing up the feds’ efforts to portray all white Republicans as Timothy McVeigh.

Grainy video footage of the suspect being sought for a shooting in Dallas isn’t helping the narrative either.

Before the cries of “RAAAAAAACISM” come raining down harder (they’re always raining down, after all), I want to say that I’m not positing that all white people are innocent. And I have no doubt there are some fringe groups out there that are heavy on the caucasian. What I am saying is that maybe federal law enforcement should look at things on a case-by-case basis, rather than through a lens that’s clouded by a narrative that is driven by a political vendetta.


Put another way: maybe focus on the real bad guys instead of concocting stories about a violent horde that simply doesn’t exist.

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