The Morning Briefing: Democrats Remain Disturbingly Fond of Islamic Terrorists

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. If you ever get a second chance, use it to ask Paul McCartney why the heck he wouldn’t shut up at the end of “Hey Jude.”


We’re going to do a two-parter to kick off the week.

I’d like to begin by pointing out a couple of articles that Megan wrote for our Culture section last week, the first of which she did at my urging. While visiting with Stephen Green and me during our “Five O’Clock Somewhere” live chat on Thursday, Megan was lamenting what’s been done to the reboot of the estrogen-fest classic Sex and the City. Megan has such a way with words and her rant was so amusing and righteous that I suggested she write about it, which she did.

She was savaged in the comments by people who really didn’t get the point, which was to be expected. Megan then wrote an excellent follow-up post explaining that she’s not the only fan of the show who finds the reboot problematic, and showing just what the problems are.

She also added a little something for the haters, which I am more than happy to pass along:

I will not be shamed into silence because some of you think the show I liked was stupid or bad. Those of you in the comments section who ride high on your conservative horses, declaring that we should all withdraw from the culture you despise because principles or something, need to skip past this article — or stay and learn why withdrawing equals failure. The great Andrew Breitbart famously opined that politics is downstream from culture. It’s why he launched Big Hollywood: to report on all things related to culture and entertainment from a conservative viewpoint. Conservatives long ago abandoned popular culture to the left, and it was a huge mistake.


As an entertainer who has spent his adult life in the entertainment industry, I’ve been having variations of that conversation with my fellow conservatives — including Andrew Breitbart — for years. So I’m Team Megan on this one. Maybe I can bring some of the haters my way.

Happy Monday.

On to today’s main topic.

We were subjected last weekend to the zillionth Democrat production of “Pretend It’s Not Islamic Terrorism Even When a Five-Year-Old Can Tell It’s Islamic Terrorism.” It’s one of the longest-running productions of the “Things Democrats Get Wrong” theater.

Robert wrote a couple of posts about the insane aftermath of the synagogue hostage situation in Texas on Saturday. From the first one:

The jihadi who stormed the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and took hostages Saturday, demanding the release of convicted jihad terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, is dead, and the hostages are safe. And now comes the real work: whitewashing, downplaying, and ignoring outright what took place, because it doesn’t fit the establishment narrative.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno got the ball rolling when he said, “We do believe from our engagement with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, uh, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community, uh, but we’re continuing to work to find motive and, and we will continue on that path.”

Here was my original response to that news:


Seriously, the Democrats’ dance around the obvious is a national security problem. They have no problem labeling any American who disagrees with them politically as “terrorists,” however. Last September, we discussed here in the Briefing the fact that Democrats have been in denial for far too long about who the real terrorists are. It’s a real problem because it makes them ignore real problems.

There are recurring ploys that Jihadist apologists all over the world use to dance around the real reason that Islamic terrorists keep doing terrorist things.

More from Robert:

The jihadi who held hostages for hours in a Texas synagogue Saturday, demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, has been identified as a 44-year-old “British national” from Blackburn, Lancashire named Malik Faisal Akram. That is, however, about all the information the FBI has so far released, as efforts to whitewash and deny Akram’s motives continue.

The Blackburn Muslim Community requested that people “avoid taking part in the sin of backbiting” in talking about the case, which apparently meant that they didn’t want to see Akram being called a jihad terrorist. Akram’s brother Gulbar, meanwhile, condemned the attack and apologized: “We would like to say that we as a family do not condone any of his actions and would like to sincerely apologize wholeheartedly to all the victims involved in the unfortunate incident.” However, Gulbar also added that Malik Faisal Akram had “mental health issues.”

Of course. The claim that jihadis are suffering from mental illness is an excuse that authorities frequently employ in order to avoid having to speak publicly about aspects of Islamic teaching that can incite violence. In San Francisco last November, a knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” charged at police, who shot him in self-defense. The establishment media insisted he was mentally ill. Also in November, a Muslim named Emad Al Swealmeen blew himself up in a taxicab outside a Liverpool hospital; police told the public that he suffered from periods of mental illness. In Germany, a Muslim migrant stabbed four random people, and although authorities acknowledged that he could be an “Islamic extremist,” he was placed not in a prison but in a psych ward.


The drooling idiot in the Oval Office joined the appeasement parade on Sunday. The Colleyville episode was so obvious that even the corrupt FBI began to come around a little by the end of the weekend.

We shouldn’t have to wait for the truth when the truth is plainly in front of us, however. It’s criminal when those tasked with enforcing the law are willing to sugarcoat evil in the name of wokeness.

Wokeness in law enforcement is a cancer that makes us unsafe.

Sadly, it’s also a cancer that the Democrats don’t want to cure.

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