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West Coast, Messed Coast: Lock Me Up, Lock Me Out Edition, Starring Sirhan Sirhan

(Jud Esty-Kendall/StoryCorps via AP)

Welcome, West Coast, Messed Coasters. What’s the deal with the Left and Schlage, anyway?

Governor Gavin Newsom has pulled a switcheroo and will not let Sirhan Sirhan out of prison despite a parole board recommendation in August that the 77-year-old Robert Kennedy assassin be freed “because of his impressive extensive record of rehabilitation over the last half-century.”

Whoa, said Newsom, not so fast.

In an op-ed in the LA Times, the California governor wrote that Kennedy had been a personal icon to him, as he was to so many people. The “Christian Palestinian,” as the Associated Press called Sirhan, is insufficiently contrite, Newsom argued. Also, the assassin’s actions contributed to a time of tumult because, when he killed RFK, “Americans lost a unifier in a time of national turmoil and grief, just nine weeks after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and four-and-a-half years after the murder of Kennedy’s brother, President John F. Kennedy.”

Newsom refused to release Sirhan from the Donovan Correctional facility south of San Diego, saying that Kennedy’s assassination “left his 11 children without a father and his wife without a husband. Kennedy’s family bears his loss every day.” And, of course, every word of that is true — as it is with every other victim of a violent crime.

Even though Newsom and his Leftist cronies have worked overtime to release all manner of violent criminals from California prisons, releasing the killer of a personal icon and “unifier” is a bridge too far.

Do they listen to themselves?

Pretend not to notice as California health poobahs tacitly acknowledge their own vaccine mandates, based on a two-year-old “emergency,” left hospitals bereft of staff. To help fix the problem they created, health officials must now tacitly acknowledge another inconvenient fact they tried to hide: there’s no asymptomatic spread of COVID. Naturally, readers of PJ Media already knew this, thanks to my colleague, Stacey Lennox.

West Coast, Messed Coast governors and their health leaders issued an order allowing asymptomatic COVID-positive hospital staff to come to work and treat patients.

The book burners on the Left have punished, censored, strafed, and banished from polite society people who have looked at the science and said this out loud. But those people were right about this and so many other COVID-related issues.

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San Diego also reported in the past few days that 90 firefighters and other first responders will be dumped because of the COVID shot mandate. Because of the number of employees in isolation, SDFD has had to shut down seven units, including:

Bomb team
Squad 55
Engine 201
Engine 11
Engine 20
Engine 21
Engine 40

San Diego doesn’t need firefighters anyway.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, Messed Coast, Washington state rep. Jim Walsh, a Republican, has been allowed back into his office, from which Democrats locked him out months ago. They don’t like his politics.

Walsh said he was happy to get back into his office and thanked “Democratic House Speaker Laurie Jinkins [who] has taken this step toward equitable and science-based operations in the parts of the Capitol Campus that she controls.” Walsh added that he appreciates that “House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox has conveyed our principle-based positions to the speaker.”

Jinkins, who believes she’ll die from COVID if the other Republican state lawmakers come to work, should consider absenting herself from the Capitol Building while everyone else goes to work.

The legislature is virtual, via Zoom, again this year, and that is an advantage to her Democrats. They mute lawmakers on the Zoom calls and only recognize certain favored politicians to speak during these sessions. The arrangement makes debate and getting amendments on bills much more problematic, if not impossible.

Representation, schmepresentation.

If the legislature is too afraid to go to work, then Jinkins’s buddy, Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee, can keep the two-year-old COVID “emergency” grift going.

In dysfunctional Oregon, Antifastanis have learned that, due to the Supreme Court rulings, the state OSHA agency will back off from requiring businesses with more than 100 employees shoot them up with mRNA shots.

Intel, for example, one of the state’s largest employers (after government, of course), has never required its employees get the jab until the Biden Administration’s OSHA rule required them to drop the hammer.

That’s your West Coast, Messed Coast report.

Be glad you don’t live here.

And, until next time, watch out for the Tsunamis.