The Morning Briefing: California Is Probably Too Stupid to Recall the Tyrant Newsom

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My free time is spent adapting Swan Lake for Jean-Claude Van Damme and Charles Barkley.


We look westward for our kickoff discussion today, to my once-beloved California. I say “once-beloved” because the California that brings on bouts of fond reminiscence no longer exists. Sadly, I remain deeply skeptical that it will ever make a return.

As we get closer to the recall election in the Golden State, the eternal West Coast weirdness that I miss makes it too difficult to call. I still have a lot of conservative friends who are active in California politics and they all seem to be cautiously optimistic. If you put a gun to my head right now and asked for a prediction I would say that Newsom survives. Then I’d tell you that we really could have done that without the gun.

My RedState colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell is in California and has an update on a lot that’s going on leading up to the event.

I wrote last week that Newsom and his team were nervous about a big Latino turnout for the recall because they are no longer a reliable Democratic voting bloc. That was early September, though. Yesterday, Axios cited a poll saying that Latinos were opposed to the recall. On the same day, however, The New York Times lamented the fact that so many Latinos are sitting this one out.

Nobody knows what’s going on.

Newsom is getting a little help from the top of the party, or what is meant to be anyway. Matt wrote yesterday that Joe Biden will go to California while everything is crumbling around him in an effort to give Newsom an assist with the faithful. This will follow a trip by our rarely seen vice president, which is generating a laugh or two:


From the outside, it may seem absurd that the thoroughly beleaguered Biden could help Newsom right now. It might be in any other state. California, however, marches to the beat of a drummer that the rest of the country will never meet. Things are so nonsensical there that Kamala Harris was able to rise to power. As soon as Democrats from other places in America got to know her, it took them about 14 seconds to realize that they couldn’t stand her.

So throw out any ideas you may have about how things should work out.

What will probably save Newsom is the fact that the Democrats are the real racists in America. They are absolutely apoplectic over the thought of Larry Elder becoming governor. Nothing terrifies a Democrat more than a Black Republican. The party’s racist roots will probably change enough hearts and minds to keep Newsom in office.

This is one I’d love to be wrong about though.

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