The Morning Briefing: Who Had 'Dems Hate on Ghost of RBG' on Their Bingo Cards?

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I can’t really make a case for this being my home planet.

We are apparently heading into a three-day weekend here in the United States. I’m never aware of these things until the last minute, despite being perfectly capable of reading a calendar. They sneak up on me and I never have three days in a row off, so it’s all just more stuff to pile onto my legendary trust issues.


Should your weekend involve some extra time off, you might be looking for some holiday entertainment. I am running out of things to enjoy on the streaming services, so I’m always looking out for alternative fare.

Like in-fighting over on the left.

Internecine squabbles abound in political factions, no matter where on the spectrum the group exists. They are, however, more likely to break out the farther left one goes. That’s the price that is paid when all politics is emotion-driven. American leftists have spaz meters that go from asleep-to-screech in approximately .0000000087 nanoseconds after a political battle doesn’t go their way.

After the Supreme Court let the new Texas abortion law stand, their shrieking has occasionally been reaching pitch levels that can only be heard by the canine ear. The poor dears are super, super upset that it is now more difficult to kill a baby in the womb in the state of Texas.

All of the inhabitants of Leftmedia Land have been in a tizzy about this since Thursday, lying about what actually happened, as is their way. The lefties say and do the darnedest things when they’re in a fit of pique. I have a pretty good imagination, but even I didn’t see them focusing their rage on their cherished memory of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Lincoln Brown has the story for us:

Remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Of course you do. The heroine, the pioneer, the voice of reason. The Notorious RBG. And, it would appear, a traitor to the cause of abortion.

It is a typical leftist move. Things don’t go the way you want, find someone to blame. Along with the usual suspects such as Republicans, pro-lifers, Texans, you, me, Grand Moff Tarkin and the republic of Gilead, the Left is eating its own by claiming that the SCOTUS abortion decision would have been avoided had Ginsburg retired during the Obama years, allowing him to name her replacement. And they are doing it with their usual style and class with comments such as:

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s categorical refusal to retire brought us here. So thanks you old dead white bitch.”

One commenter even referred to her as Ruth Vader Ginsburg. I had to chuckle a little bit at that one. Still another essentially blamed her for opening the door for the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett.

Delicious, isn’t it? Virtually no one is safe from the diaper-filling tantrums of the emotionally stunted left, even a woman who was pretty much given rock star status by them while she was alive. There isn’t a corpse or grave these infantile maniacs won’t climb all over in the name of political rage.


It’s a sickness that not only fuels their outbursts but governs their policy decisions as well.

So we’ve got more of that to look forward to.

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