The Morning Briefing: New East Berlin Alert—Oregon Requiring Vaccine Passports

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I don’t know what the druids are doing on my roof.

I hope everyone had a weekend as remarkably uneventful as mine was. Things to do are overrated sometimes. There are all kinds of germy dangers lurking out of doors. I could easily see myself becoming Howard Hughes but without the billions of dollars.


It’s a good thing I like staying home because it is beginning to look like “the new normal” that has been talked about so much for the past year may not agree with me very much. More precisely, I’m not going to agree with it.

Last year at this time I was itching to get out of the house simply because I was being told by the government that I couldn’t. Because I’ve never completely grown up, I’ve still got streak that makes me want to do something as soon as someone in a position of authority tells me I can’t. OK, only when they tell me I can’t do something that I should otherwise be allowed to do. If our commie mayor suddenly banned knitting in the home I’d want to learn how to right away.

Because COVID-19 and the petty tyrants are a toxic combination that ruin everything, even that penchant for mild rebellion is slowly being choked to death with me.

We’ve discussed more than once the fact that there is always going to be some pandemic-related excuse for the tyrants to make a case to control our lives. The COVID vaccine was dangled as a carrot for a long time. We had to remain under the heavy thumb of the government until we could get the shot, we were told. Once we started getting the shots, the story went that we should panic about the “variants.” That turned out to be a bunch of crap.


The new frontier will now be “vaccine passports,” an idea that the alleged president has been floating for a while.

Well, it’s finally begun.

Victoria has the story:

It has come to this. Oregon health officials have approved the rollout of vaccine passports, requiring houses of worship, employers, and businesses to check the vaccine records of adherents, employees, or customers in exchange for being able to take off their masks indoors.

That’s right: in order to gain freedom from masks indoors, Oregonians must show their papers to prove they’ve complied with state’s unique and oppressive plan to get more people vaccinated. Presumably, people unwilling to show their papers will be reported. Businesses and other entities under the new rules will be “investigated” if they’re found breaking the rules.

Liberal feminist Dr. Naomi Wolf was in Oregon the day the vaccine passports were imposed. She’s recently labeled vaccine passports tyrannical and called it straight-up discrimination.

It’s not surprising that it’s beginning in Oregon, which only pretends to be part of the United States when it wants some federal money for something.

Many might dismiss this by saying that it’s only one state, but I think we all know how this story plays out. There are many people in this country who’ve fallen in love with COVID oppression and it’s a safe bet that we’ll see liberal states and cities turning into New East Berlins and requiring citizens to show their papers to enjoy basic freedoms in public. As we are all painfully aware, liberals aren’t exactly known for governmental restraint:


No governmental entity requires vaccine passports. But this reflexive authoritarian response coincides with Oregon Democrats’ desire to be first in the race to total tyranny. The new rules were announced even though Oregon’s new COVID caseload dropped by more than half in the last week, so they seem an upside-down response to the facts on the ground.

The same day the passports were announced, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), with the blessing of Governor Kate Brown, also ordered that all people inside K-12 schools, jails, hospitals, and homeless shelters must wear masks, regardless of papers. 

This also affects people who travel for work or pleasure. If various government entities begin adopting the “passport” model in an effort to coerce more people to get vaccinated, then travel choices will be limited.

Or, people like me who are vaccinated and bristle at the idea of having to prove it all the time might not go anywhere that wants us to.

This probably won’t get too many people off the of fence if they’re still skeptical about vaccines.

If we’re lucky, the “show us your papers” push will start making people who have previously embraced the COVID tyranny grow weary of the nonsense and start fighting back. There are some signs of that happening everywhere, even in the bluest of states and cities.


For now, my proof of vaccination will remain in the drawer and people will just have to trust me.

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