The Morning Briefing: The United States Should Soon Reach Fauci Immunity

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Rhubarb never made any sense to me.

After a lovely weekend of writer’s block and wiffle ball, I was not terribly looking forward to seeing what the world of news had waiting for me. It’s always a shock to the system to return after a couple of days of information detox.


The bitterly tyrannical and perpetually irritating Anthony Fauci was all over print and broadcast news and that’s never a good thing.

One of the most frequent complaints from people like me over the last year is that so many of the supposed lifesaving COVID-19 protocols had a real feeling of randomness to them. It’s bad enough being under the heavy thumb of the government. It’s even worse when that thumb is also whimsical.

I wrote a column last year saying that I would gladly go along with the mask rules if businesses would open up again. That was all fine and good until I got my second dose of the vaccine. I’ve been a little cranky about having to wear a mask since then. Yeah, I know it takes a couple of weeks after the second one to really kick in, but just the prospect of still being mask-shamed when I’ve been vaccinated is getting me out of sorts.

Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the other day, we should “act immune” once we’re immune. Treacher wrote the other day about the fact that it is somehow newsworthy that Ted Cruz won’t be wearing a mask around the Capitol because he’s fully vaccinated.

Our idiot president is often seen wearing two masks even though he’s immune now. If Fauci has his way, we will be wearing masks until we’re all too old to care.

Stacey wrote about Rep. Jim Jordan pressing Fauci for specifics last week. Fauci was not helpful:


In congressional testimony on April 15, 2021, Representative Jim Jordan (D-Ohio) tried to force Fauci to provide detailed metrics for when Americans could expect to return to pre-pandemic life with their liberty and freedom restored. Dr. Fauci never answered the question, and Democrat members of the committee admonished Jordan.

The Democrats are more concerned with Fauci worship than with the freedom of American citizens. It’s a cult at this point. Fauci loves his on-camera appearances more than he loves medicine. He used his confrontation with Jordan as an excuse to get fluffed on the Sunday shows, which Stacey also covered:

To do damage control, Fauci is making the rounds on the Sunday shows—except for Fox News. This evening, he will be interviewed by Matthew McConaughey to “separate fact from fiction” about vaccines in an NBC special called “Roll Up Your Sleeves.” President Biden, the Obamas, several sports figures, and Hollywood actors will also appear. Because, as we all know, when politicians and famous people tell Americans to do something, they automatically comply.

Sunday’s first media appearance is pretty astounding, given that Dr. Fauci did not sit with Chris Wallace on Fox this morning. CNN’s Dana Bash cited a poll and remarked on Republican vaccine hesitancy and how frustrating it must be for Fauci. So frustrating, apparently, that he didn’t appear on the news network most of them watch. Basically, he answers that Republicans are working against their preferred outcome and should get vaccinated if they want restrictions lifted. Maybe he is unaware that the restrictions are lifted in many red states, and they are doing just fine.


The hard sell on the vaccine is greatly weakened by Fauci’s insistence that people still live a mask-filled, miserable existence as if nothing at all had happened. He’s the one who is working against his preferred outcome, not the Republicans. He has no interest in giving up the reins to the power that he’s been given.

Americans want to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Fauci just keeps giving us more tunnel.

Like Col. Kilgore says in Apocalypse Now, “Someday this war’s gonna end.”


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