The Morning Briefing: Barely Coherent Biden Is Still Babbling About Mask Mandates

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Biden Barks About Masks Like a Trained Seal

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Godzilla is not amused.

I am beginning to wonder if any Democrats ever visit real America anymore. Most of them live in places that are cocoons of socialist fetish and would probably find it difficult to communicate with anyone from flyover country. I used to think it was just the Beltway Dems who were like that but I’m now pretty sure that they’re all a little sheltered.


Take the mask situation, for example. We’ve been dealing with this for a year now. Yeah, there are a lot of people like me who haven’t been that thrilled with it, but we wear the damn things. I complain about it on Twitter or here from time to time but if a place I want to go eat or drink wants me to wear a mask while I’m walking to my table, I will. As long as I can take it off as soon as my butt hits the seat and enjoy a beer or four, we’ve got no problems. It’s not ideal, but I live with it.

Most of my friends feel pretty much the same.

When I see or hear Democrats talking about the wearing of masks, it sounds like there is a mass conservative anti-mask resistance under way in America. It would seem that we are all running around mask-free, in full grandma-killing mode.

The drooling puppet occupying the Oval Office won’t shut up about masks. Or mask mandates, specifically. He ignores the data that shows that the states which had mandates didn’t really fare any better than states like mine which didn’t.

Now that the vaccine is becoming more and more available — it’s available for 16 and older here in Arizona now — one would assume that the lefties might dial it down a little about the mask stuff.

One would be wrong.

President Babbles was back at it yesterday, which Bryan wrote about:

Joe Biden delivered remarks today in which he begged Americans to continue wearing masks. Most are; compliance is above 90% and has been for a long time. It’s the elites who fail to heed mask and other COVID directives. Vaccinations are also proceeding apace thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, though the Biden administration saw fit to float the idea of “vaccine passports” on the public Monday.

As Biden was walking away from the podium, a member of the lapdog media helpfully asked him if he wanted states that are reopening their economies to pause.

Biden paused from putting a mask on his blank face, turned, and answered “Yes.”


So we’re supposed to still flail around like it’s March, 2020.

These people are horrible.

By the way, Biden’s rapid decline was on full display during this little speech. He gravely let the nation know that we can’t risk any “more desks” or something:

Seriously, I don’t know how they keep letting this guy out in public.

He says it’s not about politics, but it really is. As Bryan pointed out in his post, people are wearing the masks, even in places where there aren’t mandates. Businesses are still free to require them, and most do.

The Democrats, however, find it impossible to resist the urge to have the government in control of every aspect of our lives. They’re really creepy that way. They can’t wrap their heads around the thought of the citizens doing the right thing without being threatened by bureaucratic tyrants. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of people they really are if they think of others that way.

Of course, Biden has to keep up the COVID Panic Porn Theater because as long as he’s word barfing about that he’s not talking about his border debacle. This idiot is still walking around with two masks on even though he’s fully vaccinated. It’s all a political production to him and his handlers, no matter what he says.


We’re all supposed to get vaccinated but we’re all supposed to keep wearing masks, too.

Those are some stupid scientists they’ve got over there.

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