The Morning Briefing: How Many People Will the Democrats' Impeachment Fetish Kill?

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The Democrats Don’t Care If You Die

Happy Wednesday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s OK, you don’t have to remove your shoes. Feet gross me out.


Who’s ready for week two?

No, seriously, I checked the calendar, it’s only been a week. I’ve never found myself wishing that we are sims more than during this past week. It’s time for the alien teenager playing the game to get bored and start us over.

As we travel through the Weirdesphere that is Harris-Biden Hell, it’s important to keep our heads on a swivel so we can avoid getting hit by goal posts that the Democrats are forever moving. It’s a world full of new rules that are being changed about every hour or so, beginning last Wednesday. The constantly shifting landscape can be rather dizzying at times. If you check out for even an hour or two you might return to find that we’ve all been given a new playbook for this highly divisive political game we’re playing.

This is more confusing for conservatives and Republicans. We prefer to have some structure on this side of the aisle. And consistency. That sort of thing.

The Democrats are bound by no such thing, They want power. They will say and do anything to get and keep it. It’s popular to say that all politicians in Washington are like that, and it may be true to an extent. There are, however, widely varying degrees. The Democrats are hanging out at the corner of Godless and Shameless for this one.

Right now, they would have us believe that they are firmly encamped on the moral high ground and that’s why they’re proceeding with Impeachment 2, B.S. Boogaloo.


As Brits from 1950 liked to say: poppycock.

Yeah, I know the story. They keep insisting that President Trump was responsible for what happened at the Capitol on January 6, which is garbage. The quickest way to know it’s false is that Jake Tapper keeps saying it’s so.

The real reason they are going ahead with this is that — as we discussed yesterday — Democrats have an unhealthy obsession with Trump and it won’t be going away any time soon. That’s it. Nothing more. They’re not driven by principles because they don’t have any.

The impeachment charade is the first of two big betrayals of the sales pitch they gave the American people to help get Biden into the White House. We were told that America was deeply divided and — again — it was all President Trump’s fault. The pitch was that we needed him out of Washington in order for the nation to heal and move on.

Apparently the Democrats have not moved on from him.

The other betrayal has to do with the pandemic. I’m going to go with the Democrats’ rules for my indignation here.

We were constantly told throughout last year that every moment President Trump and Republican leadership weren’t spending dealing with COVID-19 was directly responsible for people getting sick and dying. “Blood on their hands” was an oft-used phrase.


We were led to believe that the new president and congressional leadership would be fixing their gazes on dealing with the pandemic.

Maybe Joe should have directed the efforts of Pelosi and Schumer toward fulfilling that promise.

Every moment they waste on impeachment is killing Americans.

Again, their rules, not mine.

Oh, here is a list of the Republicans with blood on their hands.

Here’s to a big finish to the week. I’m putting together a résumé to wow them for the entertainment director position at the gulag.

I Spent Half of Jr. High Listening to Cheech and Chong

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