The Morning Briefing: Biden's Education Plan: Dumb, Woke and Indoctrinated Kids

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Biden’s Public Education Nightmare Is Taking Form

Happy Thursday and (Christmas Eve!), my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Candy canes are the Peeps of Christmas.


I confused O Come All Ye Faithful and Joy to the World during the VIP Gold Live chat yesterday and I think that 2020 may have finally glitched me. Forget Biden, I may not make it to Inauguration Day in one piece now.

I’m positively oozing holiday cheer, no?

Puppet President-elect Biden has been trotting out his Cabinet nominations and all of them are as potentially nightmarish as one would expect. The old coot actually thinks that Mayor Pete should be put in charge of something, a sentiment with which most of his former South Bend constituents would probably not concur. Grandpa Gropes is really not a guy you want to put in charge of personnel.

I’ve written several times here about my admiration for President Trump’s secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. She was a Big Education outsider when she arrived to the position and the Left hates her because she hasn’t been a pawn of the teachers’ unions. That will all greatly change in a Biden administration, as Joe is literally in bed with the National Education Association, which is the most evil labor organization in America. DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden is a member of the NEA, which will now be in charge of public education because of her complete control over her mentally debilitated husband’s brain.

A lot of what DeVos has accomplished has been at the collegiate level. Union opposition to her has made it more difficult for her to have an impact on the K-12 kids though. Those kids are getting dumber, sadly. The Democrats and the unions are forever telling us that a lack of money is the problem. There is never enough, according to them.


Kamala Harris recently seemed to accidentally touch on the real problem, which is how the resources are allocated:

No doubt Madame Vice President-elect has a very different reason for the resources being improperly allocated than I do, but she would be wrong.

Biden’s choice to run the Dept. of Education looks like another real winner:

Joe Biden’s choice to head up the Education Department is the Connecticut commissioner of education who played a key role in developing a statewide minority-studies course that analyzes “how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power.”

Miguel Cardona based the curriculum on “critical race theory,” which claims America is systemically racist. The choice has pleased left-wing education advocacy groups and teachers’ unions.

Once again, the focus is on indoctrination, not education. It’s what public education in America has been all about for decades while in thrall to teachers’ unions. This insanity will have the direction and the blessing of the woman pulling the puppet strings of the man whom everyone will be calling the president of the United States.

The resources will still be improperly allocated by the bureaucracy because that’s what bureaucracies do — it’s a given.


The teachers will still be in it for themselves while masquerading as saints who only care about the children — another given.

And now the focus will be on making sure that the kids become woke progressive automatons. It’s what they’ve been doing for years, but on steroids. They know that if the American children ever get back to learning anything about real history and government they won’t want to vote for the far-left fringe party that the Democrats have become.

Unfortunately, the brainwash fix is in.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so eager to get the kids back in class with these people.


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