VIP Gold Live Chat with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit – REPLAY AVAILABLE

If you’re not already a VIP member you can sign up here. Use promo code LOYALTY to get 25% off of your subscription!

Merry Nearly Christmas from your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit.

Last week, Stephen Kruiser, Bryan Preston, and Yours Truly got this great idea in our heads that we’d get together on Christmas Eve Day for our weekly VIP Gold Live Chat.

But as it turns out, Corporate HQ is closed on Thursday — can you imagine such a thing? — so there wouldn’t be anyone available to actually produce the show.

What then is an intrepid bunch of bloggers to do for our most-valued members?

Do it a day early!

Meet us here at 3:30pm Eastern for the usual collection of hot takes and lovely beverages — plus we’ll take your questions on anything you might think to ask.

Hit us with your best shot.


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