The Morning Briefing: Scrooge Newsom Cancels Christmas, Will CA Cancel Him?

Christopher Chung/The Press Democrat via AP, Pool
Newsom Is Getting Worse and St. Nicholas Should Smack Him

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Poor personal choices are what’s for breakfast today.


Let’s talk lockdowns again today, even though we’re not calling them just that anymore.

Stay-at-home orders…curfews…it all ends up the same: freedoms are stripped away and livelihoods are ruined. While all of that is going on, the elites at the Court of Versailles party on without caring one whit for the suffering commoners.

Gavin “French Laundry Bloomers” Newsom is now the worst of the bunch. I’ve long thought that Andrew “Fredo the Elder” Cuomo was the worst, but I’m reassessing that and realizing that it’s been Newsom for a while. They’re probably in a dead heat when it comes to ignorant arrogance but Newsom’s smarm factor is nausea-inducing.

Most of the Democrats who have been issuing tyrannical power flexes have all been pretending that they are going to free things up a few days before Christmas. Given the heathen secular glee most of them have exhibited in shutting down worship services since March it’s difficult to believe they aren’t just waiting to have a go at Christmas.

Naturally, Newsom is the first to make a big move in that direction. Tyler has more:

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) dictated from on high that if Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity in any of California’s five regions falls below 15 percent, he would shut down indoor church services, travel, playgrounds, movie theaters, wineries, and more, for at least three weeks. As of Wednesday, his restrictive orders apply to three-fifths of California. Each of these regions cannot exit lockdown until days after Christmas.

The stay-at-home order essentially cancels Christmas, or at least, it cancels Christmas gatherings involving people from more than one household.

“All gatherings with members of other households are prohibited in the Region except as expressly permitted herein,” the order states. “Nothing in this Order prevents any number of persons from the same household from leaving their residence, lodging, or temporary accommodation, as long as they do not engage in any interaction with (or otherwise gather with) any number of persons from any other household, except as specifically permitted herein.”

What exceptions does the order make? Individuals can leave their homes to maintain “critical infrastructure,” to worship or engage in political expression outdoors, to go to school, or to go to work in “essential” professions. The order does not allow for any in-person indoor Christmas services or any in-person Christmas gatherings for people from more than one household.


There are a couple of things running through my mind here.

First, California has been stricter than most other states while dealing with COVID, so why are things still out of hand there?

Oh yeah, because the lockdowns are useless. All Newsom has accomplished is eradicating the livelihoods of small business owners rather than the threat of the virus.

The other thing that has come up in a lot of conversations lately is whether Newsom and his ilk will face any consequences for all of the anti-science, arbitrary tyranny. My California friends tell me that many of their liberal friends are growing weary of all of this. I’ve been writing for a while that I didn’t believe that the Democrats of California would ultimately punish Newsom at the ballot box. Dems are in a constant state of disconnect about the present state of their lives and what they do when they vote. That’s why they do things like flee California for Arizona and keep voting for the kinds of policies they ran away from.

Maybe that’s changing. There are signs of resistance happening at present:

Business owners are fighting for their lives and being public about it. Anything Newsom does to financially penalize the already downtrodden will make him look even worse.


Perhaps this egomaniac has finally been so awful that even the brain-dead California Dems will turn against him.

Or he’ll be reelected in a landslide because they really are as dumb as we thought.


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