GHOULISH: Abortion Fanatic Adorns Christmas Tree With Abortion Tools

AP Photo/Steve Helber

While we are consistently told that no one loves abortion and that abortion fans want the killing of the unborn to be safe, legal, and rare, the proponents of ritual infant sacrifice keep proving themselves liars. Here’s an abortion fanatic who thought decorating his Christmas tree with instruments of torture is festive.

For the uninitiated, what’s on the top of the tree are called Sopher clamps. Here’s how they are used, as described by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levantino.

With suction complete, look for your Sopher clamp. This instrument is about thirteen inches long and made of stainless steel. At the business end are located jaws about 2 ½ inches long and about ¾ of an inch wide with rows of sharp ridges or teeth. This instrument is for grasping and crushing tissue. When it gets hold of something, it does not let go. A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure. The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus. Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can. … Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard — really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg. …

Nothing says “Christmas spirit” like a mangled baby, amiright? How do people continue to support this barbaric practice? I was promised a giant meteor strike in 2020. Why isn’t it here yet?

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