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WATCH: Democrat Mich. Lawmaker Threatens Trump Supporters, Encourages 'Soldiers' to 'Make Them Pay'

WATCH: Democrat Mich. Lawmaker Threatens Trump Supporters, Encourages 'Soldiers' to 'Make Them Pay'
Image from social media video.

Perhaps she is looking to be insta-famous. Maybe she wants to scream “Victim!” when a Trump supporter responds to her. In either case, Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson (D) put this video on the internet. In it, she warns “Trumpers” to “be careful” and “walk lightly.” She then says, “We ain’t playing with you. “Enough of your shenanigans.” It is not clear if “we” refers to her and the other voices in her head or what “shenanigans” are frustrating her.

She then encourages “soldiers” to make them (Trump supporters) “pay.” Listen:

Best I can tell she wants people to pay for supporting a president who accomplished the following:

  • The first moves towards peace in the Middle East in decades
  • Successful deterrence of our enemies with no new wars
  • The first real wage gains for the lowest 50% of wage earners in decades
  • Elimination of the ISIS caliphate, reducing the threat of terrorism here and abroad
  • Energy independence, leading to lower energy prices for all, which benefits low-income citizens the most
  • Record-low unemployment pre-pandemic across the board
  • Reduction of carbon emissions ahead of goals through increasing the supply of natural gas
  • A rapid economic recovery post-pandemic for states not run by lunatics like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

If she’s miserable in Michigan, she should blame her sparkly governor for her draconian management of the pandemic. And, of course, Johnson is not the only nutcase from Michigan. That is the state that also gave us Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who has acted like a fool on camera more than once.

Johnson is far from not the only insane person in the Democrat Party in the post-Trump era. A former Obama staff member actually started a list and called it the Trump Accountability Project. Their goal was to ensure Trump’s staff and high-profile supporters do not find work. Their now-deleted website and tweets might be an indication of how well it went for them.

“Conservative” Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin had her own thoughts, and of course, they involved a list. Note, there are more than 43,000 demented people who liked the idea:

Not to be outdone, Representative Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez jumped on the idea:

Jake Tapper piled on, warning that those who supported Trump’s legal challenges might impugn their character with future employers. Then his whole network piled on, making a list of Trump administration officials who had the temerity to hold out on congratulating Joe Biden. They were even nice enough to make it alphabetical:

So, while the Democrats ponder why they lost so many races in the House and the corporate media wonders why no one listens to them, they may want to engage in some self-reflection. Their behavior is un-American, authoritarian, and does not resonate with the 67% of Americans exhausted by the bickering.

Presumed president-elect Biden may also want to reflect on his unity pledge. Because until he has a Sister Souljah moment with these Trump-deranged loons and tells them to zip it, unity around anything is not an option.

UPDATE: It appears Johnson’s colleagues were not amused by her shenanigans. Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield and Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth issued a joint statement announcing that based on her comments, Johnson has been stripped of her committee assignments and further disciplinary action may be considered following an investigation.


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