The Morning Briefing: Dirtbag Liberals Waste No Time Disparaging the Memory of Herman Cain

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RIP Herman Cain

TGIF, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers. I hope that the Fifth Month of March, 2020 is wrapping up well for all of you.

Before we get into the seedy stuff alluded to in the headline, I’d like to share a few thoughts about Herman Cain. Jeff has a longer post about Cain’s passing here, and I will probably be echoing some of his sentiments.


I first met Herman Cain in the fall of 2010 at a small luncheon when all of the Tea Party conference travel was really getting going. We were at so many of the same events that by 2011 we were joking about getting a tour bus and hitting the road together. Herman was an easy guy to joke around with. So many politicians — whether career or new to the game — take themselves far more seriously than most others do. Herman did not.

Herman Cain had a ready smile and it was a genuine smile, not some cheesy “Give me your vote” kind of thing. He was just a good guy, and politics needs more of them.

For a brief while, there were discussions about me emceeing his campaign kickoff event in 2011, but, sadly, we couldn’t work that out. After all of the Tea Party fun died down at the end of 2012 I never saw Cain again, much to my chagrin now.

When I awoke yesterday to the news of Cain’s passing I did the dumbest thing I could have done under the circumstances: I hit social media. I merely wanted to express my condolences. The coffee hadn’t kicked in enough yet to help me remember that leftists are classless animals whenever a conservative dies. Maybe I just block it out in between the deaths of prominent conservatives.

Twitter was an absolute cesspool of Cain-bashing. Liberals were in a morbid sexual frenzy about the fact that Herman Cain died from COVID-19 and — this was the big one — that he had attended President Trump’s Tulsa rally and hadn’t worn a mask. They were gleeful about a cause and effect that hadn’t been proven. Cain’s friend and colleague Erick Erickson later cleared some things up:


Twitchy has a post about the response of the always disgusting Ana Navarro to Cain’s death. She put down her burrito long enough to reaffirm that she is classless garbage.

The examples of prominent liberals dunking on Cain’s memory to try and score political points were nonstop all day and I’m not going to share any more of them. They’re all from people I don’t expect much from anyway, and they are always proving themselves to be even worse.

 (Jim Cole)

This thread from Cain’s former communications director Ellen Carmichael is a more fitting way to remember him.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cain, you were one of a kind.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

Here’s something fantastic to keep your mind off of politics this weekend.

I think we’ve made real progress here. I’m going to reduce the dosage of everyone’s medications. More for me that way.


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