The Morning Briefing: Defund the Leftist Public Education Indoctrination Mills

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Indoctrination Isn’t Education

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The riots and protests that have been raging on, with activists demanding that American cities defund their police forces, are being carried out by a generation of American youth who have been indoctrinated with anti-American notions that were mostly planted in public schools. They were given the ability to grow even larger if the young person went to college. But the genesis of the problem is to be found in a public education system that is funded by American taxpayers of varying ideologies but controlled by radical leftist teachers’ unions.


While I have never been one to view anything as an existential crisis, I’ve more and more come to believe that the upcoming presidential election will be a watershed moment for the United States. If Joe Biden wins, it will be the complete triumph of decades of public education indoctrination. The drift of so many young Americans toward socialism and anti-American sentiment is the direct result not being taught real American history while being fed a leftist line that seeks to rewrite and/or whitewash much of what made this country great.

In the current public education environment, children are taught more about climate-change nonsense than they are about the founding fathers. Public education really isn’t education anymore, it’s more of a leftist catechism class.

The fact that we’re having conversations about defunding police is a strong argument for having a conversation about defunding the Dept. of Education.

Leftists go insane even if cuts to the Dept. of Education’s budget are suggested. It’s as if American children will no longer be able to read if the federal education overlords aren’t the executive producers of the show. Most don’t know that the Dept. of Education is a relatively new cabinet-level department, having been made one by Jimmy Carter in 1979.

It would be difficult for even the most ardent leftist to make the case that public education in America was suffering before that. We did, after all, manage to get to the moon without the help of Common Core math.

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The public education indoctrination mills are currently embracing The New York Times‘ ahistorical “1619 Project,” which is so historically inaccurate it’s been thrashed by leftist academics. On Thursday, Sen. Tom Cotton took a step in the right direction and filed a bill that would defund any public schools that tried to indoctrinate students with this trash.


It’s not enough. Serious discussions about slashing the Dept. of Education’s $64 billion annual budget are in order.

The notion that federal-level involvement is integral to properly funding schools is absurd.

I was educated before the Dept. of Education existed. I went to six years of public school and six years of Catholic school, so I have a good background for comparing things. I can unequivocally say that I got a better education in the Catholic schools. Still, I had some good public school teachers.

Back in those pre-Dept. of Education days public school teachers weren’t buying their own supplies. All that the Dept. of Education has introduced into the mix is the bloated inefficiency of the federal bureaucracy.

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Public education is currently held hostage by the most evil organizations in America: teachers’ unions. The National Education Association is a nightmarish leftist political lobby that extorts money from all levels of government that are involved in education. The NEA’s primary mission is to make more money for the NEA, but it uses the “for the children” smokescreen to get its way.

The most powerful union in the far-left hellhole of California is the California Teachers Association. The status of the union and the politics of the state cannot be divorced from one another.

These unions are the people who control public education and they’re being funded mostly by the federal government.

Cut off their supply.

The New York Times agrees that there is a problem with public education, but they don’t think it’s the unions. They think it’s — drumroll please– white people.


When it comes to cabinet-level departments I would do away with, Education always tops the list. In the hands of its leftist union overlords all it does is turn out little future Soviets. The Dems hate Betsy DeVos so much because she isn’t in the unions’ pockets.

Let’s defund this anti-American boondoggle.

We’ll probably be able to get to Mars quicker if we do.

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They Left England Just So They Could Make Money Being Famous 

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