The Morning Briefing: They're Not Really 'Secret Police' if We're All Talking About Them

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Federal Police Are the Worst Secret Ever

Happy Hump Day, dear readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

Today we will be revisiting an old nemesis: the false narrative. This week it’s about something that the Democrats and their flying media monkeys are calling the “secret police.”


I wrapped up yesterday’s Briefing by saying that “This is all so wearisome.” I may have been talking about Andrew Cuomo then, but let’s face it, that’s a line we could all be applying to so much these days. Today I find myself thinking the same thing about this seemingly never-ending leftist tantrum over the police that started way back when His Blessed Lightbringerliness Barack Obama was president.

This week’s tantrum has taken on an altered reality quality that’s even a bit much for the Dems as they’ve turned the police into a shadow squad of feds that they’re calling the secret police.

Federal police presence is required many of the Democrat-fueled riot cities because the local officials have abandoned their municipal and county police forces, leaving them defenseless in the face of unhinged mobs. Mobs that Democrats and the media are still pretending are peaceful.

The latest bout of pique from the perpetually aggrieved liberals began when President Trump dispatched federal police to Portland, Ore., because, as Jeff recently wrote, its prog mayor has helped turn the city into a perpetually riotous hellhole.

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As their collective madness worsens, American leftists keep creating boogeymen who don’t exist. They are now referring to duly appointed, very public officers operating under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security as “secret” police.

We’re not talking about a fringe group of Twitter commies pitching a fit. The increasingly-impaired bag of vile currently serving as the Speaker of the House of Representatives is in on it. Her alcoholic Trump Derangement Syndrome is so strong that she is disparaging good federal police officers who are carrying out their duties in cities where Democrats have abandoned the law-abiding citizens to lawless packs of criminals.


The Democrats and their riotous minions have largely been successful at ruining police in their cities, so now they’re moving on to discrediting higher-level cops. They won’t be happy until they’ve neutered law enforcement at all levels and given this party-sponsored lawlessness free reign throughout the land.

President Trump is thwarting those plans by sending federal police to these once-great cities that have now turned into clogged civic toilets. They’re not troops, they’re cops dealing with two-bit criminals who wouldn’t have made it this far without the institutional backing of corrupt politicians. Stacey explained in a recent post that federal police are always working in American cities.

 (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

We are all supposed to shut down our lives because COVID-19 cases are spiking but Democrats would have us ignore spikes in violence and just let them play out. The long-term consequences of the latter course of action will be far more detrimental to the future of the Republic. But, hey, if elected Democrats can score some cheap shots on Twitter against the president of the United States, it’s all good to them.

Again, wearisome.

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