The Morning Briefing: Climate Alarmist Apologizes, but I Still Want Reparations From Al Gore

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A Climate of Intolerance

There are times when the climate hoax alarmists are so tedious that I almost wish they were not only right, but that the planet would die really, really soon. Just so I can escape them.


I’m of a certain age and can remember when the looming climate crisis was supposed to have us all freezing to death and being buried in the ice until invading intergalactic aliens discover our fossils millennia from now.

Then, of course, the climate scare was all about Earth having, as Al Gore so infamously put it, “a fever” and being on the brink of boiling to death. In the fourteen years since Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth made that claim, “global warming” has become “climate change,” largely because the alarmists keep being wrong about everything and they needed a malleable catch-all phrase to better market their snake oil.

As has been written by me and many others, the climate change hoax movement has become the secular Left’s religion. It does not tolerate heretics. The Climate Church imposes its will on academia by controlling the grant money purse, effectively purging dissent.

It’s a heckuva racket, I will grudgingly admit.

Those who go against the grain and dispute any of the accepted climate teaching are branded “anti-science,” even though “climate science” has more to do with a bunch of computer models that keep being wrong than actual science. One of the more bizarre attacks that is deployed against skeptics is to say we “don’t believe in climate.”

Not we “don’t believe in climate change,” but that we don’t believe in climate at all.

Spoiler alert: every skeptic believes in climate and knows that climate changes.

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On Tuesday, Rick wrote a post about a former climate alarmist who has dared to deviate from orthodoxy:

Michael Shellenberger has been a climate activist for 30 years, a liberal activist who went to Nicaragua in the 1980s to help the Sandinistas. He’s traveled the world for liberal causes, pushed the “existential threat” of global warming, but is now apologizing for promoting “climate alarmism.”

Shellenberger’s story is an interesting one. He admits that he was quiet for as long as he was because he was “scared” and that he “suffered harsh consequences” when he tried to speak his own truth about climate science. He also debunks a lot of the regular talking points that Al Gore and Co. trot out to pimp their agenda.

As we all know, that agenda is to use climate hysteria to institute a money-grabbing New World Order. Well, in Gore’s case it’s just to make himself a buck; he’s using all of them. Gore and his ilk have successfully terrorized a generation of children into believing that their futures are doomed and worthless because of the threat of climate change. Yes, Greta Thunberg is annoying, but the adults responsible for her being that way are criminal.

Heaven help the Republic if the Democrats come to complete power and we’re saddled with a “green new deal” that ultimately makes us part of the climate freak commie world order.

The sea levels can’t rise quickly enough if that happens.

Comedy Loses One of Its Gems
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The passing of the legendary Carl Reiner at 98 leaves the comedy world without one of its most original and enduring stars. I dove into a couple of seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show — which Reiner created and wrote much of — a few years ago and was stunned at how well the humor held up despite the very dated look of the show. Some of the episodes are streaming on Amazon Prime right now and more full episodes are on YouTube. Make time to watch a few. Trust me.

If you’ve got Netflix, dig up the episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, where he visits Reiner and Mel Brooks as they get together to watch a movie, which was a regular habit of theirs.

Comedy has lost several of its greats in recent years and few loomed larger than Reiner.

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The Kruiser Kabana

How cool would a treehouse away from everyone be right now?

Reiner is talking about how old he is here and he had another 33 years left in him. We should all be so lucky.

Happy Fifth Month of March, 2020!


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