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Seattle Mayor Moves to Expel Wacky Socialist Councilwoman Who Led Protest to Her House

When we last heard from Mayor Jenny Durkan she was making a spectacular mess out of the Antifastan squatters village and murder factory on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Durkan is being sued by people who live and work on Capitol Hill, where she allowed the violent and murderous antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter squatters to set up their tent city, complete with its own gun-running warlord and shooting gallery. Both kinds.

At one point Durkan blithely enthused on CNN that the squatters village, now called CHOP, could be a “Summer of Love” situation.

That was a groovy idea, maaaan, until they came to her house.

And, as my colleague Bryan Preston has reported, Durkan was very, very upset that protesters from CHOP found out where she lived and set up their “Summer of Love” protest. Very upset.

She was angry that her address, which is a secret because of her former job as a US Attorney, was revealed to protesters allowing them to scare her family.

More From Seattle’s Antifastan!

But there’s more!

The person who showed the CHOP, antifa and Black Lives Matter rabble where she lived is none other than her council colleague, the never-met-a-logo-with-a-fist-she-didn’t-like, communista Kshama Sawant who’s been cheering on the protesters since day one.

And “Mayor Jenny” as she’s known on social media is calling for Sawant’s expulsion from the council.

In a two page letter, Durkan spelled out a lot of dirt on Sawant for which she wants the communist expelled from the Seattle city council.

Seattle Mayor Wants to Boot Out Socialist

The complaints include:

  • Participating in and leading protesters to her home when she knew it was supposed to remain a secret and watching them vandalize her property.
  • Outsourcing her office hiring to the Socialist Alternative Party
  • Using her office staff and office assets for electioneering, which is against the law.
  • Broke COVID policy by allowing in hundreds of protesters to City Hall after hours.
  • Using her office to encourage violent protesters to take over the East Precinct at a time when Durkan is trying to get them out.

All the while Sawant has been asserting that violence at CHOP has nothing to do with the protesters. It’s all because of “capitalism’s brutality,” maaaan.

While we await details of this tragic killing, it highlights capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence. Our movement rejects insinuations & falsehoods perpetuated by corporate & conservative media that this violence is outcome of CHOP or of our movement.


On Tuesday, city crews were out trying to get the protesters to leave.




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