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Should Mark Zuckerberg's Name Be On a Hospital?

Should Mark Zuckerberg's Name Be On a Hospital?

There’s a whole lot of stupid out there in 2020 America, but it’s not really new if you’ve been paying attention. Sure, it’s more fervent and angry and intense than usual, because everybody has been freaked out about a deadly virus for months and they’ve just been looking for an excuse to riot and yell stupid $#!+ and otherwise carry on. If the death of George Kirby Floyd hadn’t set the whole thing off, it would’ve been some other inciting event.

But the underlying dumbness is pretty much the same. We’re hearing the same old gripes and grievances we’ve been hearing for years. And through it all, the left is a bunch of fascists who want to silence all dissent, either by violence or coercion. That’s why they want a handful of tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley to decide what you can and can’t say, what’s true and what’s false. They want to be ruled, as long as they think their rulers will set down the decrees they want.

This is why they hate Mark Zuckerberg, while also demanding that Mark Zuckerberg tell everybody what the truth is. Alex Nester, Washington Free Beacon:

A member of San Francisco’s board of supervisors called to remove Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s name from the city’s general hospital because the social media platform doesn’t do enough to combat hate speech…

Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, made a $75 million donation to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in 2015. It was the largest monetary donation the hospital has ever received and was used in part to purchase new equipment for the acute care and trauma center.

Haney, who was elected in 2018, tweeted in a thread that while Zuckerberg’s gift was generous, keeping the donor’s last name on the side of the hospital is “a lot less awesome.”

Here’s are some of the nuggets of wisdom from this genius:

Sure, Zuckerberg donated $75 million to that hospital — SEVENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS — but he still allows the Republican uncle that Haney only sees at Thanksgiving to post whatever he wants on Facebook, even though it makes Haney angry. Why should Zuck be rewarded for his generosity?

This isn’t the first time somebody has whined about this. A couple of years ago, some of the nurses at ZSFGH wanted to rename it for José Sarria, a “legendary San Francisco LGBTQ civil rights activist and drag queen.” You really can’t parody that town. They always beat you to it.

The problem with “regulating hate speech and disinformation” is deciding what is and isn’t hate speech, and what is and isn’t disinformation. You might think that free speech and debate is the solution to this problem. You might think that if somebody says something you think is wrong, the best way to fight it is to present facts and evidence.

But that’s way too much work. The lefty way is just to silence anybody who expresses an opinion that has not been approved. That’s always been their first impulse and it always will be. All day, every day, they use their right to free speech to condemn your right to free speech.

I don’t care whether you name a hospital after Mark Zuckerberg, Whoopi Goldberg, or Mad Magazine‘s Dave Berg. And I don’t even like Facebook. But lefties are insane, their ideas are bad, and their stupid reasons for doing things need to be called out while we still have the right to speak.

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