The Morning Briefing: The Longer This Goes On, the Worse China Looks

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the Chuanshan port area of the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port in east China's Zhejiang Province, on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Authorities in China are working to restart its industries as number of new coronavirus cases and deaths fall in the country. (Yan Yan/Xinhua via AP)

Once More, With Feeling: Commies Lied, People Died

We here at the Morning Briefing have long been advocates of blaming China for all things bat flu, even way back when our betters were assuring us that it was totally racist to do so. Some of us are funny, and were skeptical that a secretive communist dictatorship was being forthcoming with the rest of the world. Others are liberals, and tend to default to believing commies. Just ask any American liberal about healthcare in Cuba and strap in for a gushing love story.


We are only four days (seems like four weeks) into the month of May and it already hasn’t been a great public relations time for the Chinese government. The weekend kicked off with news of a report compiled by five Western intelligence agencies that was pretty rough on the Chinese government:

Five Western intelligence agencies have compiled a damning report cataloging the Chinese Communist Party’s deliberate suppression and destruction of evidence regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The report claims this malfeasance is an “assault on international transparency” and cost tens of thousands of lives. It comes amid rising demands that governments hold Beijing accountable in court for its malfeasance during the pandemic.

The report was basically a detailed confirmation of everything the “racist” skeptics were assuming all along. It also shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, given China’s penchant for being a bad, secretive actor on the international stage.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seized upon the report to tell ABC’s This Week that there was “enormous evidence” the virus did indeed originate in a Wuhan lab. Pompeo wasn’t pulling any punches:


It is always refreshing when there are people in power in the United States who will unabashedly point out that commies can’t be trusted. That message is certainly not getting out via the mainstream media, which is still acting like state-run press for the Chinese Communist Party.

For far too long, China has gotten away with pretty much giving the finger to the international community for a couple of reasons. One is that capitalist countries have been enjoying making money in China while exploiting the cheap labor there. The other is that when China is doing something awful to people it’s doing it to Chinese citizens. The Chinese Communist Party covers that up, everyone else can turn a blind eye, and the toxic economic relationship continues. 

A fundamental restructuring of these tangled economic relationships with China certainly isn’t going to be easy, but one would hope that it’s painfully obvious by now that it needs to happen. China isn’t going to become remorseful, clean up its act, and suddenly morph into a good global neighbor. 

Commies are gonna commie, and the sooner this messy breakup gets done, the better.

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