Townhall Journalist SCORCHES Adam Schiff Stooge Who Questioned His Credibility During Antifa Hearing

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Julio Rosas, senior reporter for our sister site Townhall, testified before Congress on Tuesday about Antifa and the destruction caused by this violent movement. He was there at the invitation of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability.


Rosas, a Marine, is no stranger to the Antifa movement, having attended many of their violent riots and documented the havoc wreaked by this organization. He even took a rubber bullet to the abdomen at one of those riots.

Nevertheless, Democratic lawmakers and pundits alike will tell you that the group behind the riots, deaths, and the millions of dollars in property damage to major cities in the U.S. is just a right-wing myth.

Rosas was there to set the record straight, telling the committee that although 93% percent of Antifa protests were “peaceful,” the 7% resulted in “$2 billion worth of damages.” He added, “Antifa is very much a real movement within the United States… They are not, as [Rep.] Jerry Nadler has claimed, a myth.”


He also testified about the breakdown of order in our society.

And he dispelled the myth that white men in MAGA hats are the real danger in American cities:

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During questioning, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) attacked Rosas’ credibility in a sarcastic jab that showed what a pompous elitist the congressman is.


Goldman—formerly Adam Schiff’s top staff investigator on the House Intelligence Committee during the impeachment inquiry against former President Donald Trump—insisted that the FBI, which just this week was again discredited for its involvement in framing Trump with the Russia collusion hoax, is the ultimate authority on the workings of Antifa.

Addressing the committee, Goldman said, “You’re trying to gaslight us up here, as if Antifa—which Mr. Rosas is apparently the expert now in organized terrorist activity, has overruled the FBI director who says, there’s a headline that says ‘Antifa is an ideology not an organization.’ No, no, no. Let’s not listen to the FBI director. Let’s listen to—sorry, what’s your title? Senior writer at Townhall, who is going to tell us that the FBI director is wrong.

Oh, well, if the FBI Director Christopher Wray said it…

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(And that’s just a sampling of the stories we’ve covered about Wray’s Wayward FBI.)

If Wray would like to know more about how Antifa cells are operating under his nose, with domestic terrorists attacking the “democracy” that leftists say is always under attack, he ought to consult Rosas, who, by the way, wrote a book about the Fiery but Mostly Peaceful protests (buy it here).


Anyway, Goldman was too cowardly to hang around to hear Rosas’ response to his credibility being questioned. Nevertheless, Julio got the last word: “It’s funny to be lectured by an heir to the Levi Strauss Corporation and that’s probably why he doesn’t consider property damage as a big of a deal because, not only does he have that, but he also has what some people would describe as an impossibly good stock portfolio.”

“But what I can tell you is that in these riots that happened three years ago, yes, big corporations did suffer damage and looting, such as Target that happened in Minneapolis, but a lot of the businesses, they were small businesses, they didn’t come from multimillion-dollar families or corporations,” Rosas continued. “And so the fact that they had to not only deal with the completely unnecessary COVID restrictions that were happening during that time, so that their bottom line was already being hit by that, but then when you add on now having to replace lost inventory or to repair damage, or in some cases, you would completely lose your entire business. That happened to a family that I know in Kenosha.

He noted that rioters took away people’s ability to make a living. “A friend of mine said that taking away someone’s job like that is just a baby step away from murdering them because how else are they supposed to support themselves?”


“So I think it was absolutely disgraceful for Congressman Goldman to try to just denigrate my title because it’s not just a title. I’ve earned it because I was there, chewing the dirt in these dangerous situations. I didn’t see him in any of those places. I was there in New York covering New York City, covering some pretty violent protests there. And I’m also not just a writer, but I served honorably in the Marine Corps Reserves. And I was very proud of that. And so that’s just typical elitist thinking, and that’s why a lot of people hate Washington, DC and honestly, I don’t blame them.

Score one for the good guys.




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