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Named defendants include Gov. Kate Brown, Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
It's not surprising that our nation's capital is failing to actually educate students.
The “let’s make all learning fun” thing seems to have invaded all levels of school.
"Because the Grinch is gonna steal Christmas, okay?"
Bernie Sanders and Ron Wyden stall tax reform, hurting the poor and homeschoolers.
We're sedating ourselves into accepting forced mother-child separation in the early years.
The 2-year-old thought she was in trouble, so he took charge.
As many as 36,000 elementary students are suspended annually.
#Elsagate involves bizarre, aberrant imagery in videos aimed at vulnerable kids.
Support is pouring in for young Keaton Jones from all over the country — and some very high places.
While the girl's situation sounds unique, it's really not.