Against All Odds: Mother Tells How Her Daughter and Every One of Her Friends Are Suddenly Trans

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When I was a teenager, the cool kids smoked cigarettes. Today they cut off their weiners.

A mom writing for Substack’s “Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans” is claiming that her kid went full trans-tard after going to a new, woke, trans-happy school.


She starts her article with this: “My teenage daughter has decided that she is “trans”. So have all her friends. Not some of them. Not most of them. Every. Single. One.”

The anonymous mother also states that her daughter showed no signs of gender dysphoria and had never heard the word “transgender” before enrolling at her new school. That’s where she met a group of nerdy, artsy kids. They began looking into all things transgender on the internet.

Then, one day, sha-ZAM! They were all suddenly “trans.” They no longer had any desire to speak with the “cis” kids, (that means cisgender, i.e. normal, not trans, not interested in disfiguring their genitals to be cool).

How can a bunch of kids suddenly all be trans? It’s what we call a “social contagion,” which Oxford Reference defines as “The spread of ideas, attitudes, or behaviour patterns in a group through imitation and conformity. Also called behavioural contagion.”

It’s when a group of people all start imitating each other to fit in.

But how can “normal” teens suddenly want to change the core of who they are? What drives them?

The trans ideology of today is similar to the skinheads of the 80’s. Insecure, lonely, rebellious kids, frequently bored, and many angry at their parents, are looking for an outlet. This is the perfect breeding ground for recruiters from outlier subculture groups like skinheads and transgenders. Both groups offer a built-in social structure, acceptance, and a sense of belonging to a group of outsiders who have never belonged to anything. More importantly, both groups have the ability to make a kid feel “special” because both groups offer “purpose” and both groups consider themselves “victims.” Victimhood, to many, is comfortable.


A Pittsburgh study from last year states that roughly 10% of teens under 18 years old identify as “gender diverse.” That’s five times higher than the national estimate, and it’s likely garbage. People actually suffering from gender dysphoria are rare. Teens craving attention, acceptance, rebellion, and purpose are innumerable.

The odds that an entire group of friends “all” being trans are minuscule.

It would be nice to think that the trans craze is just a bunch of kids being kids but the truth is terrifying. Hair dye, piercings, and “punk” clothing are temporary. One can even have a tattoo removed these days. Having your tallywacker snipped is another level of creating “a new me.”

Leftists, including Joe Biden, believe that young teens have the right to decide that they were “misgendered” at birth (another layer of victimhood. “I was GIVEN a gender, no one ASKED ME”) and have the right to mutilate their bodies.

FACT-O-RAMA! Joe Biden believes young teens can elect to have their genitals removed BUT can’t legally buy firecrackers, lest they blow off a finger.

My mother told me I couldn’t get a tattoo until I was 18 years old. Because of her parenting skills, I am proud to say I do not have a “Duran Duran” tattoo across my heart today.

So if we all know that teens frequently go through a rebellious “phase,” why would adults allow them to pick their gender and mutilate their bodies permanently? Marxists are on board because it’s part of their plan to topple the United States. They are groomers and recruiters.


What kind of parents allow gender-changing medications and surgeries for their kids, and why? Here are a few ideas. How many parents like this do YOU know?

  1. Solidarity to the party. Parents used to be proud if their kids made the football team or the cheerleading squad. Today, pinko parents are only too happy to have their teens come out as gay, trans, etc. I believe many are PUSHING their kids in this direction by offering to pay for puberty blockers and offering gender reassignment surgeries. Who cares about the child; mommy needs to virtue signal. Today’s trans child is yesteryear’s star quarterback.
  2. Failing parents who want to be “cool.” The internet is full of stories of obsequious parents giving their teens booze and marijuana. Some mothers actually have sex with their kid’s friends, like this example from the Los Angeles Times: “Silvia Johnson, 41, of Arvada described herself to investigators as a ‘cool mom’ who ‘was never popular with classmates in high school’ and who was beginning to feel like one of the group.”
  3. Some parents don’t realize that their job is to be a parent, NOT a friend. They’ll bend over backward to have their kid “like” and or respect them. If that means approving of a gender assignment surgery, so be it; just “LOVE ME!!”
  4. Parents who never wanted to be parents. They have no idea where their kid is, who he or she is with, or what they are up to. They ignore their children. Their kids are likely the most vulnerable to recruiters and groomers.

The letter below has it all, two scoops of victimhood and a boatload of virtue signaling. Don’t be fooled, this letter is NOT for the tiny number of REAL trans teens in the world; it’s solely for the author to show the world she is the savior of “every’ trans teen in the world. Try not to choke on her narcissism.

Pssst, check out her Twitter handle.

I count 12 times where she uses the words “me” and “I,” as well as one “we” (“We will keep fighting for you”). She reminds me of the “great white saviors” who believe black people “need” their support to survive and prosper in a “white racist world.” These are the same jackpuddings who stopped using straws after someone found one lodged in one sea turtle’s nose yet refuse to give up their Prius despite the roadkill genocide facing the nation’s deer population.

FACT-O-RAMA! Pennsylvania drivers alone take out more than 42,000 deer per year. To my knowledge, no libs have stopped driving.

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Another reason more teens are “identifying” as gay, bi, or trans is that it’s cool now, daddy-o. As sex neuroscientist Dr. Debra Soh recently wrote, being in the LGBT alphabet is now hip. Even more important than the groovy factor, Dr. Soh also wrote this:


This is in tandem with educators’ growing obsession with teaching sexual and gender identity curriculum to students at as young of an age as possible, including those in kindergarten. It’s important to note these teachers usually aren’t gender or sexual minorities themselves but are conveniently using these children as a vehicle for their politics, to redefine society and concepts such as gender and sexual orientation.

I’ll add this: if you work in a liberal outhouse like New York City, being a member of the LGBT alphabet is a great career move. Comedians lacking punchlines are appearing on late-night talk shows. I know a trans comedian who has achieved way more success after becoming a woman than in decades of doing comedy as a man.

Not to mention that men pretending to be women are cleaning up in female sports.

Trans kids are now considered to be cool, accepted, special, important, protected victims who are on the road to a great career despite their actual talent. The real question now is, why WOULDN’T a kid want to be trans today?

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