Concerned Parents Are Ready to Ditch Disney When Alternatives Become Available

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Pulling back the curtain at Disney did not just cause Americans to lose trust in the iconic brand. It has Americans open to alternatives in children’s entertainment. Parents have watched as Disney vocally opposed a Florida law preventing explicit sex education in kindergarten through third grade, followed by a video of Disney management discussing their strategy to incorporate ideas about sex and gender identity into their content. According to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action, 68.2% of likely general election voters say they are less likely to do business with Disney, with 57.2% saying they are much less likely. Only 6.1% say Disney’s stance makes them much more likely to engage with the company.


Republican and conservative voters do not drive the poll results. Nearly half of Democrats, 48.2%, agree that the latest revelations go too far. Only 14.4% indicate they will be more likely to do business with Disney. Eighty-five percent of Republicans report they are not as likely to do business with Disney following the disclosures. Independents poll much closer to Republicans, with 72.5% of them saying the recent revelations about Disney’s focus on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas makes them less likely to do business with the company.

The poll also indicates that companies willing to compete with Disney have a significant potential market. More than two-thirds of American voters say they are likely to support family-friendly alternatives to Disney. This group includes 58.6% of Democrats, 72.1% of Independents, and 77.6% of Republicans. Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler commented, “These numbers reveal clearly that 2022’s parent’s revolt movement is growing stronger every day. Parents are infuriated by the widespread leftist assault on their kids.”

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Meckler continued, “Disney is about to learn that attempting to ideologically and sexually groom our children is a recipe for brand destruction, costing the company massively in both customers and revenue. Who in the hell is in charge at Disney?” He noted that the market of parents seeking alternatives thanks to Disney’s woke strategy is wide open for the taking. “Our numbers also found that parents are actively seeking family-friendly alternatives to Disney, which is great news for our friends at The Daily Wire Kids, at Angel Studios, and for creators looking to capitalize on a massive marketplace opportunity to provide more than two-thirds of parents the family-friendly choices they’re looking for.”


Recent events have created a new coalition of consumers that have the power to shift the culture. The Left’s insistence on grooming our children to validate nearly any lifestyle choice and pressure them into a particular political perspective using an apocalyptic narrative on climate and a divisive message based on critical race theory has brought negative results. Recent data from the CDC shows an alarming increase in teens reporting that they are persistently sad or hopeless over the past 12 years.

We are in an era of unprecedented efforts throughout the culture to force the acceptance and affirmation of any deviation from traditional social roles as well as a movement to force adults to take children’s political opinions seriously. We have all seen what the global elite have done to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Yet at the same time, just shy of half of all teens report persistent feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Something within the culture is horribly wrong, and the individuals running our cultural institutions are almost exclusively on the Left.

Legislative efforts to correct the gross violation of the social contract between parents and the public school system in Florida showed parents that every single institution from the Department of Justice to Hollywood is aligned to continue pushing a radical left-wing agenda on even the youngest children. Disney is joining in these efforts, and companies willing to challenge them in the children’s entertainment space with family-friendly content may be able to reap the rewards.



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