How Many 'Random' Sexual Assaults by Illegals Before Liberals Rethink the Way They Vote?

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Last week, an animal armed with a machete tied two young teens, one boy and one girl, together with shoelaces and forced them into a park in Queens, NYC. He sexually assaulted the 13-year-old girl, took their phones, and ordered them not to leave for 20 minutes while he escaped.


The cops swarmed the park but couldn't find him. They looked into the local sexual offenders and also posted the attacker's photo and a drawing of a large tattoo. Four days after the brutal attack, Queens residents recognized the rapist, held him down, and called the cops.

He is from Ecuador, crossed the border illegally in 2021, and has been arrested for public drunkenness and turnstile jumping (meaning he didn't pay the fare to ride the subway).

FACT-O-RAMA!  After becoming mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, and Police Chief Bratton, in an effort to crack down on crime, began arresting turnstile jumpers, knowing that many would have outstanding warrants.

Random Attacks?

The news media frequently refers to these attacks as "random." 

My question is, how many attacks, murders, rapes, and violent scenes do illegal immigrants have to commit before we can call this nonsense a "pattern"? 

FAMILY FEUD-O-RAMA!  Kick off your July 4th BBQ by asking your sociopathic, green-haired, AFAB-in-law just how many women and kids need to be raped and murdered before zhe will consider not voting for communists. Fireworks will ensue!

It would seem logical that Democrats would be hemorrhaging voters over the carnage taking place weekly, but liberals and logic go together like peanut butter and tuna fish. People who supposedly support "women's rights" continue to vote for miscreant politicians who invite foreign nationals into our nation, many of whom are criminals and are victimizing women and kids.


How is it possible that Americans will keep voting for the party that welcomes rapists into the nation? Look to England; the globalists there spent decades brainwashing people into believing that criticizing anyone who isn't white — even criminals — is racist.

England's so-called "grooming gangs," 85% of whom were Pakistani Muslims, raped thousands of British girls for almost two decades with near impunity. English cops believed arresting the animals would appear "racist."

STATS-O-RAMA! I believe this rape epidemic is one of the most important issues facing the nation, so I'm going to load up on "Related" articles in case your brain-dead lib friends can be reached, which they can't.

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England isn't alone. The brainwashing that led to the rape carnage there worked well in other parts of Europe, too.

One far-left woman was gang raped by "asylum seekers," but her Marxist conditioning made her blame white German men for the attack. She eventually told the truth and, shockingly, publicly apologized for telling cops her attackers were immigrants.

A German politician was fined for posting an inconvenient crime stat about gang rapes, with a court claiming the woman was "inciting hate" for even mentioning that illegal immigrants, a minority in Germany, were committing roughly half of the gang rapes sweeping their nation.


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Here in the States, Joe Biden, the reprobate whose open-border policy is causing the sexual assault hecatomb, is playing the "woke" game his Chinese masters are pushing. He said he regretted calling the savage who murdered Laken Riley an "illegal" — and mispronounced Laken's name, too.

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The commie indoctrination runs deep and is likely uncurable. And here's the fun part: some Democrats think you need to visit a re-education camp.

We can't fix a problem until we admit we have a problem, and half the nation is too weak to do that. Expect more carnage. And if we don't vote for a red wave in November, I'll see you in "de-MAGA class."


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