Mass Shooting Facts to Shut Down Your Liberal Sister and Her Annoying, Man-Bunned, Non-Binary 'Boy' Friend at Your Memorial Day BBQ

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I bet Don Lemon only prays when there is a mass shooting. “Please, God, let the gunman be white.”

The lefty sitzpinkler at CNN came up with snake eyes yesterday because the shooter is Hispanic. That changes the narrative for the left. Here is their playbook:

  • When the shooter is white, the problem is “white supremacy.” White people are evil and here is the proof.
  • When the shooter is a minority, blame easy access to guns, usually by attacking the NRA, which is run by “selfish, conservative, white, gun nuts.” The race of the shooter has nothing to do with it. Bury the story and move along.

So, now the harridans from The View have their show prep for the next few days: go after the “gun lobby,” Republican politicians, and those big, scary “assault rifles,” or as they now call them, “weapons of war.”

Anyone engaging in this sort of boring drivel doesn’t really want to stop the problem of mass shootings. They want to take our guns and have Republicans voted out. Gun-grabbers have no problem standing on the bodies of dead people, even kids, to get what they want.

FACT-O-RAMA!  A mass shooting is one that involves four or more people shot, not including the shooter, in a fluid situation.

But getting guns out of America is like trying to get pee out of a pool. It can’t be done. There isn’t a “guns be gone” button to push. They are already here, and besides, 99.999999% of our guns don’t take lives. Also, guns are like drugs; if you make them illegal, people with just buy them illegally. Almost every gun-toting criminal got their gats illegally. I assure you there is already a flourishing industry of illegal gun sales in all of our major cities.


REMINDER-O-RAMA! I lost all of my guns in a boating accident on one of the Great Lakes. It was either Lake Huron, Michigan or, you know, the thing.

Let’s look at how the Democrats go after our guns and what you can say to your Prius-driving, know-it-all sister-in-law when she regurgitates BS talking points while eating a meatless burger you were ashamed to grill for her.

Talking Point: Just Give Up Your Guns Like Australia Did

The left tries to shame people into giving up their firearms: “If you don’t surrender your guns, you have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.”

Here is one of those jackpuddings:

The same Democrats who scream about “gun violence” are letting legacy criminals out of jail or keeping them out with low/no bail laws. What do criminals do for a living? They commit crimes, frequently with guns. We want guns to defend ourselves. How about we lock up ALL criminals despite their skin color? Send them all to jail. It’s called “equality” and it’s the goal, remember? Political correctness is getting people killed. The Democrats don’t get to start a multi-year crime tsunami and then demand we give up our guns.

NYC’s lastest marquee subway shooter, Andrew Abdullah, 25, was arrested for shooting Daniel Enriquez for no apparent reason. Abdullah has 19 prior arrests. How was he free?


No sane person would turn in their guns. That would leave the American population vulnerable to well-armed criminals and an increasingly tyrannical government.

Australia went full jackboot in its response to COVID-19, even though the country enjoys a 99.9% survival rate of known cases. Australians endured some of the harshest lockdowns outside of China. They gave up their gun after a mass shooting in 1996 that claimed 35 lives.

Coffee patrol? This video is insane:

FACT-O-RAMA! NYC Mayor Eric Adams claims he is dedicated to getting guns off his city’s streets, but left-leaning “community leaders” are against it, because “woke.” The prefer “properly funded community groups” tackle the surge of shootings. Good luck with that.

Talking Point: Bring Back the Assault Rifle Ban from the ‘90s

Democrats pine for the “good ole days” of the 1994 “assault weapons ban.” Bring it. The so-called ban didn’t stop the sale of even one firearm; it merely regulated how many options, or “bells and whistles,” a semi-automatic rifle could have (pistol grips, telescoping stocks, etc.). And if the libs think building a “ghost gun” is easy, wait until they see how simple it is to modify an AR.


FACT-O-RAMA! When you correctly state there is no such thing as an “assault rifle,” your sister-in-law’s vegan boi-cub will likely say that the “AR” in AR-15 means “assault rifle.” It does not. The “ar” means ArmaLite Rifle. The ArmaLite company developed the weapon in the 1950s.

Talking Point: Keep Your Handguns, Shotguns, and Hunting Rifles but Give Up Your AR-15s

Why? Fewer people are killed by all rifles combined — scary semi-auto “assault weapons, bolt-action, etc. — than many other weapons. More people are beaten and/or kicked to death than are killed by rifles.

Related: Like True Commies, the Democrats Create Crime Then Use Crime Stats to Take Our Guns

Here is an FBI chart showing the types of weapons used for murders between 2015-2019. As you can see, over three times as many people were beaten to death as were killed by all rifle styles combined, and nearly five times as many were killed by knives. So unless your sister-in-law is ready to turn in her cutlery and chop off her hands and those gnarly feet, she can kiss your ass.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Uvalde shooter posted his intent to shoot up an elementary school on Facebook, and nothing happened. I can’t write a story about COVID-19 without Zuckerberg’s minions jumping all over it.

Talking Point: Most Mass Shootings Are Committed by Drooling White Supremacists in MAGA Hats


As I’ve reported on several occasions, no less than 70% of mass shootings are committed by black men. Most mass shootings are gang and/or drug-related.

Related: 27 Shot in Miami ‘Urban Beach Week’ Event

We all heard about the 13 people shot in Buffalo, N.Y., on May 14. Did you hear about the 17 people shot the night before in Milwaukee after an NBA game? Probably not. The mainstream media (MSM) is really picky about which mass shootings you do and do not hear about.

Talking Point: If You Want Guns for Protection, Why Don’t We Ever Hear About These “Protection” Stories in the News?

This one steams my clams. I do write about these stories. A lot. But the MSM doesn’t always pick them up. Did you hear about:

Related: This Is Why We Have the Second Amendment

Talking Point: We Need More Gun Laws

Like what? We have volumes of gun laws. Career criminals get their guns illegally to begin with. Making more hoops for law-abiding Americans to jump through is pointless.

What we could do is punish people who commit gun-related crimes.


The problem no one wants to talk about is this: we can’t always stop crazy. We can try. But sometimes we don’t.

The Buffalo shooter told his school he wanted to shoot them. The cops were called, the shooter spent a few days in a mental hospital in June of 2021, and yet he was allowed to graduate with the people he threatened to murder. He owned two guns, and his parents let him keep them. He was able to buy an AR despite his threat, which he easily modified to hold a 30-round magazine. (New York State does not allow ARs to use 30-round mags; the gun must be modified to allow only up to a 10-round magazine).

News of the Uvalde shooter will come to light over the next few days. I’m guessing we will hear the 18-year-old was “creepy” and a loner. He was probably “bullied,” like almost every other kid. That’s not illegal. It’s not even suspect. Unfortunately, sometimes crazy can’t be stopped. That’s a terrifying thought. But all of New York State’s gun laws somehow couldn’t keep a nutjob from shooting up a grocery store in Buffalo.

I think the answer is more guns. Every would-be wackadoo knows schools are gun-free zones. What if they weren’t? Maybe the wackadoos would think twice before shooting up a bunch of kids if they knew there was a good chance of getting killed before even pulling a trigger.


What we do know is this: the current strategy isn’t working.


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