The Morning Briefing: 'Hillary 2024' Rumors Are Proof Even Dems Can't Stand Biden

The Morning Briefing: 'Hillary 2024' Rumors Are Proof Even Dems Can't Stand Biden
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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. “Park your truck behind the Dairy Queen” means something completely different in a public bath.


There is much consternation throughout this still-great land about the deep divides that are facing us. I’ve read and heard about the consternation, anyway. Nothing really bothers me that much these days.

Anyway, it seems as if there isn’t anything that can bring us together. Maybe we aren’t looking hard enough.

With Joe Biden’s approval numbers rapidly plummeting at a dizzying rate, it’s becoming plain to see that the country is unifying around an idea: this guy is an awful president.

Yes, there are some Democrats out there who are still pretending that President Pervwhisper is coherent and knocking it out of the park every day. Most of them have their paychecks directly tied to keeping that myth alive. There are stirrings in the rest of the Democrats’ world that speak volumes about how dissatisfied they are with this train wreck of a presidency that they made happen.

Last month, we discussed here in the Briefing the fact that Granny Maojackets has practically been omnipresent lately. She’s not promoting anything other than herself. Speculation has been rampant for weeks that she’s positioning herself for a primary run at Ol’ Joe if he makes it to 2024. A lot of that speculation was coming from the right. Now it’s coming from Biden’s own side, which Stacey wrote about yesterday:

The rumor mill cranking was crazy enough. Now two long-time Clintonites are advocating for it. Douglas Schoen and Andrew Stein opined for 17 paragraphs on the case for the Empress of Chappaqua to run in 2024. Their reasoning is pretty astounding. First, they note Joe Biden’s age; he will be 82 at reelection time. They also note Vice President Kamala Harris’s unpopularity, which surprised no one who watched the Democratic primary. She was the first to drop out, and black voters never flocked to her. She did not even lead in her home state of California.

Unfortunately, as Schoen and Stein note, there is not another leading Democrat burning up the national stage ahead of 2024. The attempts to make Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg a thing fizzled. The other prominent members of the administration have approval ratings hovering around 30%. Former stars have also lost their shine. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace. California Gov. Gavin Newsom faced a recall and has radical COVID policies that are unpopular nationally. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s tin pot dictator, faces reelection in 2022, and it is not clear she will be successful.


Yes, the Democrats’ bench is pathetic. That’s how they ended up picking Biden from their “historic” 2020 field in the first place. At first, it may seem that it’s insane to view Hillary Clinton as their savior, but things really are that bad over there.

It’s a big deal that even a couple of Dem insiders are publicly trying to kneecap Biden. If this were happening to any Republican president, all of the mainstream media would be talking about a civil war within the party.

Hillary may be a has-been with a grandly misplaced sense of entitlement, but Biden is such a failure that she still looks like a ray of sunshine being delivered by a litter of puppies to the Democrats.

It’s so awful that even when they do think Biden is going to be around for the next election they’re coming up with concussed ideas like this:


The Democrats were so invested in their unstable Trump daddy issues in 2020 that they proceeded with reckless abandon, which is now delivering consequences by the truckload. They know they made a mistake with Biden and that they’re now on the deck of an electoral Titanic with the midterm iceberg in sight. If Hillary Clinton keeps hanging around and convincing them that she can keep the ship afloat, then Republicans should start buying lottery tickets because they’ll be the luckiest people on the planet.


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