The Morning Briefing: Oldest President Ever, But There's No Adult In Charge

The Morning Briefing: Oldest President Ever, But There's No Adult In Charge
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This Puppet President Show Is Getting Old

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let’s just say that my Benihana career was very short-lived.

There is so much to unpack on a daily basis with this clown car of an administration. We can’t really say that Joe Biden is inept or incompetent, because Joe Biden isn’t really there anymore. True, if Original Joe were in charge, things would still be a mess. He was a paste-eater too. However, he wasn’t quite as anti-American or commie as the cabal that is running his brain now.

I recently read something that referred to America as being “rudderless” at the moment. That’s not entirely true. The above-mentioned cabal of progressive special interests is in charge, but it’s focused on a lemming run off the leftist cliff.

Progressivism isn’t a grown-up approach to politics. As I wrote several years ago in my book Don’t Let the Hippies Shower, it’s the toddler mentality manifested as a political philosophy. No matter who is pulling President Puppet’s strings on any given day, we can’t really say that there are any adults in charge.

The rapid pace at which things are unraveling is proof positive that there aren’t any big people in the room making decisions. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana tweeted a quick rundown of the low points yesterday:

It’s 16 months until the next election. At this pace, the Republic might not last 16 weeks.

Biden’s speech yesterday had the feel of an eight-year-old kid making excuses for breaking a lamp rather than a president stepping up during a time of international crisis.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas had some choice words after Biden’s slurring blame-fest:

Sen. Tom Cotton, a potential presidential opponent of Biden’s in 2024, called the speech “dangerously disconnected from reality.”

“The president seemed totally oblivious to conditions on the ground. He acts as if the withdrawal is going in an orderly fashion,” Cotton claimed on Fox News. “Yet surely he can see what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan right now, which is a direct consequence of his ill-planned, disorganized decision to withdraw.”

The alleged president was so terrible yesterday that, for the second day in a row, CNN’s Jake Tapper couldn’t find it in his heart to slobber all over him.

After his grueling 10-minute workday, Ol’ Gropes was immediately whisked back to Camp David for some warm milk and the resumption of his leadership coma. He gets a little cranky when his afternoon nap time is disrupted by president stuff.

This is the third Briefing in a row where we’ve been going over this Afghanistan fiasco that — make no mistake about it — is all Joe Biden’s fault. We may have a theme for the rest of the week here. What transpired with the Taliban these last several days may have happened far away from here, but it is a perfect example of just how quickly things can fall apart when Joe Biden and his handlers are crafting policy with a Play-Doh fun factory.

Today’s headline was taken from a line in my most recent VIP column. I was pondering the fact that the lack of coherence and constant flailing we’re seeing from this administration never convey the feeling that there are any mature heads involved.

Only in Joe Biden’s America would I be the voice complaining about a lack of maturity.

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