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Leadership? Biden Goes Back to His Vacation After Addressing Afghanistan Crisis

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden was widely criticized for going on vacation last week as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. After someone at the White House apparently figured out that the optics of this vacation were awful, it was announced that Biden would return to the White House to address the situation.

While it seemed like Biden was sacrificing his vacation by cutting it short, after his ten-minute speech, in which he blamed everyone but himself for the situation before saying “the buck stops with me,” he went right back to Camp David to get back to his rest and relaxation time.

Word of Biden’s planned return to Camp David was swiftly slammed by Donald Trump Jr.

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“Biden going back on vacation now. Headed back to Camp David at 4:50,” he tweeted. “No one should be surprised, he gave a 10 minute speech I’m sure he needs a week or two to recuperate.”

Perhaps the only thing worse than going on vacation as Afghanistan collapsed is going back to your vacation after giving a short speech in which you blame everyone else for the decision you made.