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FACEPALM: Pelosi Praises Biden After His Shameful Remarks on Afghanistan

FACEPALM: Pelosi Praises Biden After His Shameful Remarks on Afghanistan
Democratic National Convention via AP

Joe Biden’s remarks on Afghanistan Monday afternoon were widely panned, even in the left-wing media.

“The president said that the buck stopped with him but, in fact, this speech was full of finger-pointing and blame, especially for the Afghans,” noted CNN’s Jake Tapper, of all people. “He did not really get into or accept any blame for the catastrophic exit that we have been watching on television for the last several days.”

Biden “did not in any way accept responsibility for the catastrophe that’s unfolding in Kabul,” observed ABC’s Terry Moran.

But, apparently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saw a different speech.

“The President is to be commended for his strong leadership and exceptional focus on bringing American military involvement in Afghanistan to an end,” she said in a statement following his address. “He does so ensuring that Americans and our Afghan partners make it to safety as soon as possible and with a continuing laser focus on counterterrorism efforts to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad.”

“In the days and weeks ahead, the Congress will continue to receive additional briefings from the Administration as we continue to work together on the evolving security situation in Afghanistan,” she concluded.

Is Nancy Pelosi really that disconnected from reality? Or is she just so hyperpartisan that Joe Biden could nuke Afghanistan and she would praise him for being decisive? When the liberal media, which literally carried water for Joe Biden for months during the 2020 campaign, isn’t even making excuses for him anymore, but Pelosi is, something is wrong.

Did she not see the video of people being evacuated in a mad rush? Or how about the video of desperate Afghans falling from a plane trying to leave Kabul?

Whatever happened to putting country before party? What’s happening now in Afghanistan is a national embarrassment and a disgrace, and Nancy Pelosi can’t do anything but praise the man responsible for it. Nancy Pelosi is a sick woman.

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