The Morning Briefing: Unfortunately, No Kraken Will Be Served for Thanksgiving

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Oh Kraken, We Hardly Knew Ye

Happy short week Tuesday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.

Our little trip through the November 2020 looking glass is heading into Thanksgiving with some twists and turns, isn’t it?

Here at the Morning Briefing, I’ve been a big fan of letting the lawsuits and the recounts play out. I don’t trust Democrats, ever. Yes, I think they cheated in the presidential election. They always cheat. I do think, however, that they were probably able to use the fog of the pandemic to get away with enough in this election to not have the whole thing overturned.

I haven’t been paying attention to each post-election vote count story, largely because my colleagues were doing all of the good work covering them. My role here is mostly to be the verbal bomb-thrower and occasional skeptic. It’s a role I relish.

Some of the stories caught my eye though. For instance, it was difficult to ignore when attorney Sidney Powell vowed to “release the Kraken” and blow the lid off all of the corruption in this election. I was quite intrigued after that and was looking forward to whatever the heck she meant by that.

One does not promise a Kraken, then proceed in a most un-Krakenlike manner, as Powell soon found out.

Late last week, Tucker Carlson called out Powell, which created a firestorm of internecine fighting among conservatives on social media. That wasn’t what I expected, but I admit it was fun to watch.

Things escalated quickly over the weekend, when Trump’s legal team had a public break-up with Powell.

The whole “this thing isn’t going that well” vibe picked up some legitimacy on Monday when Rush Limbaugh wondered where the promised big news was.

Then we got this news:

In a letter to Joe Biden, General Services Administrator Emily Murphy informed him that certain post-election resources and services would be made available to assist in the event of a transition.

Murphy reiterated her independence in determining to do this, asserting that she never received any pressure or direction from Executive Branch officials to delay her determination.

Say I’m jaded, but I’m beginning to feel that Thanksgiving is going to be decidedly Kraken-free.

It’s obvious that President Trump and his inner circle want this thing to get to the Supreme Court. I won’t pretend for a moment that I can see that path getting any clearer, but as I’ve been writing since last week, I am rather enjoying this grand political theater, especially since it’s bothering the Democrats so much. They’re miserable on their best days, and the refusal of the hardcore Trump supporters to acknowledge the Masked Groper as Dear Leader has really got them agitated. One of my lefty comedian friends tweeted Monday night that she would be nervous until January 20th.


Now let’s just hope the post-Powell press conferences keep the promises floating somewhere in reality.

Really would have liked to have seen that Kraken though.

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