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Emmy-Winner Gov. Andrew Cuomo Will Have His Mom Over for Thanksgiving -- After Telling His Subjects That They Can't [Update] Cancelled!

Emmy-Winner Gov. Andrew Cuomo Will Have His Mom Over for Thanksgiving -- After Telling His Subjects That They Can't [Update] Cancelled!
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Fresh from his Emmy-winning performance as one of America’s most lethal governors, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’ll have his 89-year-old mom over for Thanksgiving.

Hogan followed that up with a report in the NY Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he may host his 89-year-old mother Matilda for Thanksgiving — after spending the last two weeks lecturing New Yorkers about staying home for the holiday and telling their loved ones to do the same because of the coronavirus pandemic.


“I have a conversation with my mother about Thanksgiving, several conversations about Thanksgiving. [She said] ‘We have to get together for Thanksgiving.’ Mom, we can’t get together for Thanksgiving,” he said.

Cuomo has been begging New Yorkers to spend the holiday alone, warning that COVID-19’s rapid spread has increased in part thanks to small, indoor gatherings in recent months as the weather has turned chillier.

“My personal advice is you don’t have family gatherings — even for Thanksgiving,” he said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

He even added that if you love someone, it’s better to keep away from them this Thanksgiving.

Which begs a question…never mind.

Hogan’s story goes through several iterations on the theme that Cuomo really, truly didn’t want anyone to enjoy Thanksgiving with their family.

Until he admits he’s having his mom over for Turkey Day.

Once again, the so-called leaders push rules on the rest of us that they refuse to follow themselves. Last week it was California Gov. Gavin Newsom going out for a dinner with his lobbyist pal at one of the most expensive restaurants on this end of the universe after telling his subjects that they can’t go out but if they do, they must put the mask back on between bites — some of the most unscientific advice uttered in the past 8 months.

Now it’s Cuomo, and probably Fredo too, having Mom over after guilting New Yorkers away from the family gathering.

Americans are by now just shaking our heads at the whole spectacle. These little tyrants don’t mean what they say when it comes to their own lives. They really don’t. And this undermines their entire COVID regime.

But they don’t care.

Seriously. They don’t.

How long before Cuomo racks up an Oscar, a Grammy, a People’s Choice, and a Golden Globe?

Update: Cuomo cancels out on Mom. He still has his Emmy, though.

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