Xi's Gotta Have It: China Welcomes Biden With Orders From Beijing With Love

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The Globe Daily is a known outlet for Chinese Communist Party propaganda. It’s owned by the People’s Daily in Beijing, which is literally an official outlet for the Central Committee. The math isn’t difficult to do.

An oped in the Globe Daily welcomes Joe Biden to the White House (supposing events stay on their current course) with both stern denunciations of Donald Trump and admonitions to not do what Trump did.

Facing a voracious round of assault from the coronavirus and an economy in doldrums because of the health crisis, the incoming US administration of Joe Biden is hoped to chart a new course of policy interventions – categorically different from the inertia displayed by Donald Trump’s team.

The U.S. economy under Trump was the best in living memory, hardly “inertia,” as the CCP paper describes it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has congratulated Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris for winning the US general election, which is widely seen as extending an olive branch to the incoming Biden administration in the backdrop of the worn-out confrontations between the two countries that were caused by Trump’s protracted trade war.

You won’t hear too many Democrats argue with this formulation. China spent years taking advantage of its “developing” nation status to develop right into becoming the world’s second-largest and fastest-growing economy. Thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs moved to China during that time, but the left uttered hardly a peep about that. Everything was Trump’s fault, from before when he was president to long after. It’s the same script Democrats ran against Bush 43. They and China will run it again.

What will the U.S. media do? Well, they’ve been accepting millions from China while pretending that Russia is the greater threat to the U.S.

Russia’s economy is the eleventh-largest in the world, at about $1.64 trillion (a bit smaller than the economy of Texas).

China’s economy is the second-largest in the world, at about $14.14 trillion (almost three times larger than Japan’s economy, which is #3).

China is far more technologically advanced than Russia, has about 10 times Russia’s population, and has an actual plan for usurping the United States as the world’s economic and military power. China has thousands of tech spies on its payroll all over the U.S., and has spent a couple trillion dollars building that network over the past 12 years. It was only exposed in 2019.

But yeah, sure, Russia is the larger threat.

Perhaps this explains the disparity in media attention the two get in the U.S.

Overall, China Daily spent more than $4.4 million on printing, distribution, advertising and administration expenses over the past six months, according to the FARA filing.

China Daily, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s State Council Information Office, its propaganda agency, has for years paid newspapers and magazines in the U.S. and other Western countries to publish advertorials designed to look like legitimate news articles.

Back to Biden’s marching orders.

To control the COVID-19 pandemic in the US and other parts of the world, China and US, the world’s two dominant economic powers, should put down their acrimonies and start earnest collaboration in good will. Demonizing China or slinging dirt on Chinese people will never help to stop the flare-up of infections and fatalities in America.

If the two nations could have aligned in the research and development of effective virus medications and vaccines, proliferated life-saving medical equipment and kept open vital supply chains in the past months, instead of the opposite, many lives in the US and elsewhere would have been saved.

That would’ve been fantastic, but was not possible because China covered up the outbreak in those early critical days. While Trump was taking decisive actions such as banning travel to the U.S from China, Biden denounced him as a xenophobe.

It is imperative to reinstall an effective federal leadership in the US that knows how to cope with a severe crisis of this magnitude. China’s experiences are impressive in curtailing the pandemic, and China’s unparalleled ability in manufacturing PPEs and producing vaccine vials and freezers should not be neglected and could be made use of by the Biden government.

China hoarded PPE when the world needed it most. The United States is well ahead in the race for working, safe vaccines, thanks to Operation Warp Speed, which began long before Nov. 3, 2020.

As to the policies of his new administration, the world pins high hopes on him tossing out the old-fashioned and selfish “America First” doctrine, restoring multilateralism and cooperation with the whole world – particularly stopping the reckless and brutal ideological and economic fight between US and China, which many have likened to a new “cold war”.

That’s China’s central instruction to Biden, and it’s one the Democrat is sure to follow through on. America-centric foreign policy and economic policy will die with Biden in the White House. He’ll prioritize just about everything over American national interests, security, and jobs.

Watch. Just watch his energy policies. Watch his NASA policies. Watch his military policies.

Now, a flurry of US multinational companies have vehemently opposed Trump’s so-called “economic decoupling” attempt, as they know perfectly well they could not find another giant and growing market like China’s. So the incoming Biden administration needs to ponder its new policies, to reverse the course of the tumultuous policies of the past four years trumpeted by Trump.

China proved it’s a dangerous point of failure in the world economy. Decoupling wasn’t just Trump’s policy. Many other countries, including Japan and South Korea, independently arrived at the conclusion that they needed to divest away from China to protect themselves. The fact that China — not Russia — is currently engaged in what amounts to slave labor at its Uighur concentration camps provided additional motivation to decouple from China. Or, it should.

While the left slams America for the past sin of slavery, what do they say about China’s present engagement in the same?

Watch Biden and most of the U.S. media pretend none of this is true, and that it’s time to cozy up to Xi’s China.

(h/t Breitbart and Ed Driscoll for the “Xi’s Gotta Have It” title)

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