The Morning Briefing: Dirty Hippies Rediscover Plastic Shopping Bags Plus Beer Blog Friday

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This Is Delicious

Happy Friday from the end of Week Three of Coronapocalypse Quarantine. My favorite beer place is still delivering here in the Sonoran Desert, so all is quite well in the Kruiser Bunker. I do hope that the faithful readers of the Morning Briefing are weathering this storm.

We’ve decided to keep it a bit lighter here on Fridays while we’re all in various stages of stir crazy, but there was one story that I couldn’t resist sinking my teeth into for a few paragraphs.

Since the 1970’s, the enviro freaks have been taking us on various rides in the name of protecting Earth that are all over the place. We were going to freeze to death. Then we were going to boil to death.

On a smaller scale, we were told that we had to stop using paper grocery bags because we were killing too many trees to make them. The switch to plastic bags was on, all in the name of being noble and Earth-saving do-gooders.

By the time the 21st century rolled around, the plastic bags were Satan because they were assaulting dolphins — it’s always dolphins — or something. Another switch was on, this time to either the tree-killing paper bags, or reusable bags made out of a variety of things.

Before I had escaped from Los Angeles, plastic bags had been banned and everybody got to virtue-signal with cloth bags.

Fast-forward to 2020 and PLAGUE TIMES.

It turns out that the reusable bags are filthy little germ catchers and carriers, the last things anyone wants around while trying to slow the spread of a pandemic virus.

The Poop Sidewalk brain trust that runs San Francisco has even gone so far as to reverse the ban on plastic bags that has been in place for over a decade.

The lesson here is obvious: hippies and enviro freaks are always wrong.

Also, what the hell have the dolphins ever really done for us?

Speaking of California

This Week’s Beer


Whilst this beer-blogging stuff is going on, I’ve committed to getting outside of my IPA comfort zone. Some of you fine readers have been suggesting beers, and I am trying to track some of them down. My local brewpub that’s delivering to me has quite a selection, but they’re not running at full capacity during the plague. When I order from them I look for something new and sometimes just something that has a clever name, which is how we got to this week’s beer: Belching Beaver Brewery‘s “Viva La Beaver” Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.

I’ve always been willing to wander into stranger places with stouts and flavoring. On more than one occasion, I’ve been surprised that I like a flavored stout.

This one is more like a dessert than a beer, but I did like it. I can’t imagine ever drinking more than two of these at once, it’s rather heavy.

Still, it’s delicious. That chocolate/peanut butter combo just seems to work out all over the place, even in beer. I think it’s probably a better cold winter night beer.

Next week I’ll go a bit farther outside my comfort zone, I promise. There won’t be any lagers though. I hate lagers.

Here’s the info:

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