The Morning Briefing: Trump Wins the Super Bowl

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Sunday’s Super Bowl contest was unique in that it occurred on the first palindrome day (02/02/2020) in 909 years and that it was the first time in the history of the contest that two teams whose primary uniform colors were red met. The game also featured two winners: the Kansas City Chiefs won the on-field game, while President Donald Trump took the off-field prize.

It may not seem like much amid all of the Big Game hoopla, but the president’s ad that ran during the first quarter was money well spent by his campaign.

There is a reason that incumbent presidents win more often than not. The power of incumbency is great, especially if the incumbent has a record to be proud of.

President Trump could have run an ad just about the economy that would have been difficult for the Democrats to push back against. Instead, the campaign decided to highlight his achievements in criminal justice reform which, as the ad points out, is one of those things that is always talked about by politicians but never acted upon.

The understated tone of the ad is what struck me most. The president is known for his bombast. I’m a big fan of that too. This ad, however, didn’t have the “rah-rah” rally feel. It was quiet, to the point, and quite impressive.

Democrat Michael Bloomberg also ran a Super Bowl ad. His was all about what he is against — the “gun lobby.” The president’s ad, in contrast, was about what he is for. That’s a subtle, but poignant difference.

Trump has the attitude that he had in 2016, and now he has the full machinery of the Republican Party backing him up, which most definitely wasn’t the case the first time around. In one thirty-second ad, he’s signaled that he will be a formidable incumbent to deal with.

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