Border Expert: Illegals Committed 430K+ Criminal Offenses in Texas Since 2011

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“[T]his massive new population of needy foreigners will burden and transform [Americans’] communities without their say-so.” Todd Bensman of Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) outlined the many harms illegal migration inflicts on Americans in his recent Congressional testimony. During that testimony, he noted that illegal aliens have committed over 430,000 criminal offenses just in Texas since 2011, and up to 6 million new illegals are likely to enter America before Biden’s presidential term ends.


Bensman discussed the financial burden on cities (and thus taxpayers), the drain on government resources, the overloading of the school system, and other issues caused by illegal immigration in his testimony (available on CIS). He specifically called out the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies, explaining how they exacerbate the illegal migration crisis (transcript from CIS):

The [Biden] administration put a freeze on required border enforcement measures and fast-tracked release of the majority of illegal crossers into the country where they and most experts know they will stay forever.

And on their cell phones, which every immigrant has, they sent word of this incredible bonanza down trail, to home villages and all along the migration trails. And in this way, those first tens of thousands who began crossing on inauguration day quickly became hundreds of thousands a month, and then millions a year. Counting an estimated 1.7 million never apprehended, probably more than 4 million have entered the country from the border in a mere 30-month span. Perhaps as many as six million largely uneducated and needy people will be in the country before the Biden policies might first be reversed in the 2024 national elections and the floodgates closed.

Those millions of policy-enticed entries in so short a time already are – and will have – transformative impacts in the form of unplanned-for demands on public welfare and assistance programs, health care systems, Social Security, housing, labor markets, schools, and the criminal justice system.


Then there’s the issue of criminal offenses committed by illegal aliens. As Bensman said, every single one of those crimes ought to be preventable; these illegals should not be in America to begin with. Certainly, the government should be attempting to lessen illegal migration and crime from illegals as much as possible. Instead, the government is obfuscating data and facts that could clearly illustrate how many crimes illegals commit.

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It’s difficult to get honest statistics on illegal alien crime because it’s not something the government — either state or federal — really wants to be honest about, Bensman noted. Texas does have some statistics that can help illuminate the problem, however:

The Texas Department of Public Safety learns the immigration status of suspects booked into local jails through a program that submits fingerprints to the FBI for criminal history and warrant checks, and to DHS…

The glimpse is limited and not a reflection of much almost certain higher totals, but it is telling about the trend line ahead across America. Between June 1, 2011, and July 31, 2022, these 259,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 433,000 unnecessary, preventable criminal offenses. Those included 800 homicide charges (resulting in 374 convictions as of July 2022), 822 kidnapping charges (resulting in 265 convictions), 5,470 sexual assault charges (resulting in 2,593 convictions), 6,485 sexual offense charges (resulting in 3,065 sexual offense convictions), and 4,945 weapons charges (resulting in 1,723 weapons convictions).


That’s hundreds of thousands of preventable crimes over a decade’s time. It’s an ongoing problem, with Border Patrol arresting 12,000 criminal illegals in Fiscal Year 2022. Unfortunately, the Biden administration hardly makes catching and punishing criminals one of its priorities.



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