IRAN: Cover Your Head, Shoot Your Dog

(Photo by the author. Step away from my dog, nasty Mullah.)

Life is fun for women in the Islamic Republic of Iran, provided you don’t mind going to jail for showing your hair in public or having Fido and Snowball neglected to death by state authorities.

You’re not going to like this column, but it’s important to read it.

It’s been one of this summer’s most underreported stories that Iranian women last week launched the #No2Hijab movement against being forced to wear a hijab — the traditional head covering — in public. The misogynist Mullahs seized power more than 40 years ago, and since 1983 women and girls above the age of nine have been forced to cover up.

#No2Hijab is in defiance of the regime’s July 12 declaration of National Hijab and Chastity Day, a none-too-subtle annual reminder of women’s place in the Islamic Republic.

The price women pay for showing their hair — for showing their hair — can be swift and … let’s just say “firm.”

What happens in the van, or once the van reaches its destination?

I don’t want to know.

But I do know that in Isfahan, women have been subjected to acid attacks for failing to wear the hijab.

Here’s what some women are doing in Isfahan, regardless:

Iran’s treatment of women might not exactly be news, but it is important that freedom-loving Americans sometimes remind ourselves what kind of people Presidentish Joe Biden chose for his “peace” partners in the Middle East.

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And wait until I tell you what’s about to happen to Iran’s dogs and cats.

There’s been a wave of arrests of people walking their dogs in Tehran, which has just been made a crime. The parliament is considering legislation basically outlawing all pets, except with the permission of a committee and payment of a large fee.

This whole travesty got rolling because Islam considers dogs to be impure, particularly in the Mullahs’ Iran.

Because they’ll do horrible things.

The BBC spoke this week with Dr. Ashkan Shemirani, an Iranian veterinarian:

“Police forces arrest people for walking their dogs or even carrying them in their cars based on their interpretation of what could be seen as symbols of Westernisation.”

Dr Shemirani said the authorities even created a “prison” for the seized pets.

“We heard loads of horror stories from that place,” he added.

“The animals were kept for many days in open areas without proper food or water while the dog owners were going through all kinds of legal trouble.”

On a strictly personal level, I have no problem with people who don’t like dogs, even though I have three of my own and wouldn’t mind a fourth. Different strokes for different folks and all that. But when an authoritarian government has an issue with dogs — the human/dog symbiosis being the most useful and beautiful in all of nature — well, that I take issue with.

Because they do horrible things.


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