West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Kaepernick's Friend Is 'Rounding Up Jews' at Stanford

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Woke Nazis have sullied the reputation of yet another university on the West Coast, Messed Coast™. Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, where a Stanford University lecturer is suspended for vilifying Jewish students in class — after Hamas invaded Israel and wreaked atrocities. Wait till you find out who his “star pupil” is.

Stanford’s shame

The last time we heard about Stanford University was when law students staged a loud protest at a lecture by a federal judge and the Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was there to bat cleanup for the mob. Students were ordered to get a refresher course on the First Amendment and the dean was sent on a long vacation. But now we learn that one of the University’s lecturers didn’t attend tolerance camp. Far from it.

Stanford confirms that the so far unidentified (but now outed) “instructor” at the once-vaunted institution of higher learning “is reported to have addressed the Middle East conflict in a manner that called out individual students in class based on their backgrounds and identities,” a statement read. The university president and provost continued, “this report is a cause for serious concern. Academic freedom does not permit the identity-based targeting of students.” The statement, sandwiched between a bullet point about “heightened” threats on both sides and lecturing that threats are not free speech, said, “The instructor in this course is not currently teaching while the university works to ascertain the facts of the situation.”

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A Jewish newspaper called Forward provided more details of the incident that the university left out, such as the transgression happening in an undergrad course called “Civil, Liberal and Global Education.” Rabbi Dov Greenberg, director of the Chabad Stanford Jewish Center, said he’d heard from three students that things were less than civil.


The teacher told the Jewish students to take their belongings, stand in a corner, and said, “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians,” Greenberg said, citing the student accounts. The instructor then asked, “How many people died in the Holocaust?” When a student answered, “Six million,” the lecturer said, “Colonizers killed more than 6 million. Israel is a colonizer.”

Greenberg said students were afraid to argue with the male lecturer because of the impact on their grades and the senselessness of picking a fight with a teacher.

We can see why the university didn’t want to out the lecturer for his Nazi-like behavior. Can you imagine the hail of hate coming your way if you pointed a finger at the man who radicalized the darling of the Black Lives Matter take-a-knee movement?

But it turns out the internet has uncovered the name of the instructor and his friendship with former NFL player-turned-woke boor Colin Kaepernick.

Campus Reform says, “Ameer Hasan Loggins appears to be the lecturer that Stanford University removed from a Civil, Liberal, and Global Education class for rounding up Jews in his class in response to Saturday’s Hamas terrorist attacks in southern Israel.”  And that he is the man who “radicalized” Kaepernick.


Loggins has spent his time since Oct. 11 pouting about misinformation in the media.

Paraglider fans

At UC Santa Cruz, a newly minted post-doctorate fellow on track to become an assistant professor in 2024 is busy on X (formerly Twitter), hailing the murders of Jews.

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Campus Reform reports that Cinthya Martinez is a UC Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellow who supports a world with no borders and calls Gaza the “world’s largest open air prison.” She spent her hours after the Israel attack, in which people were slaughtered, liking posts lauding paragliding terrorists. She also used the hashtag #FromTheRiverToTheSeaPalestineWillBeFree.” To be clear, this is a call for exterminating Jews.

Paragliding fans at Cal State Long Beach

Meanwhile, Cal State Long Beach Nazis used the paragliding symbol for their call for campus protest against the Jews. The La Fuerza group sponsored the “Protest for Palestine,” using the paraglider for its Oct. 10 rally two days in a row.



An X user said, “Imagine a campus event celebrating a murderous KKK terrorist. That’s right—you can’t.”

Nazis Meet College Game Day

The University of Washington’s Hamas student union or whatever they’re calling themselves has been holding pro-Nazi rallies on campus extolling the virtue of killing Jews.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, Messed Coast™,  ESPN’s College Game Day will be holding its show in the same place where pro-Hamas protests have been held all week, to sell the Washington versus Oregon game.

They’ll need a strong disinfectant to clean up.

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Don’t defund police

And that’s it for this week’s West Coast, Messed Coast™ report. Until next week, grab your courage and CCW and stand guard outside your local Jewish temple on Saturday to scare off the very real Nazis who have shown themselves on the West Coast, Messed Coast™.

Remember, when Nazis tell you who they are, believe them.


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