West Coast, Messed Coast™... and then They Set the Looter Free

(Glendale Police mugshots)

Grand Opening, Grand Closing. Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ where the LA area has been the scene of multiple organized looting fests and now those tough California officials are really going to get serious about them this time, you just wait and see. So there.

It’s looting

Police say on August 8, 30 black-bloc-wearing, masked, and hoodie-covered thieves stole $400,000 worth of loot from a Yves St. Laurent store in Glendale, Calif., at the Americana at Brand Mall.

On Thursday morning, nine days later, Glendale Police arrested the first suspect in the organized looting rampage.


Robbery at Americana… #robbery #americana #smashandgrab #saintlaurent

♬ original sound – Tinadabbles

Also on Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he’d plus-up the highway patrol in LA to go after these heathens because, dammit, he’s running for president and has to look tough.

Grand opening

And then on Thursday afternoon, after booking Ivan Isaac Ramirez, the LA County Sheriffs released him because them’s the woke rules.

On Friday, there was much ballyhooing, strutting, and dog-and-pony-ing by the city and the cops to announce they were really going to get serious this time about what the professional wish-casters, retcon specialists, and euphemists call “organized retail theft flash mobs.” This is because calling it looting is racist.

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You can look it up.

Grand closing

And nothing’s changed since they used to call it looting and then changed the verbiage to “organized retail theft” after a San Francisco Neiman Marcus rampage in 2021.


And now the woke re-write guys call them flash mobs. This, come to find out, is also racist because when a dressed-up flash mob attempted to sing at a Target store on August 15 for a TikTok influencer’s music video, the cops were called. Now why would that be? Hmm. Unsolved mystery.

Here’s my advice, not that anyone asked: arrest thieves. Change the law that frees them from jail in two hours. Also, if you’re a TikTok influencer and want to use a store to stage your video because you’re too damned cheap to pay for renting a venue, ask. Maybe they’ll say yes. Oh, and you can quote me; it’s not racist for retailers not to want flash mobs in their stores. See item one.

The left can’t make up new rules fast enough to cover their dumb ideas.

Gavin Newsom and the Illegal Chinese Virus Lab

Instead of kicking out an illegal Chinese biolab operation in California, Gavin Newsom offered the lab a $360,000 boost in funding. News of this kickback comes at a time when the California spendthrift-in-chief’s legislative buddies are considering raising taxes on citizens by more than $200 billion. Seems odd, no?


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Newsom’s bête noire, his representative in Congress, Republican Kevin Kiley, smells something fishy. He writes in his blog:

The scandal surrounding the Chinese bioengineering lab operating secretly in California continues to grow. It turns out the lab – which was oozing with COVID, E. Coli, malaria, and other pathogens – was kept from the public for nine months after its discovery.

An official with Fresno County Public Health said state and federal agencies made “it very clear, we cannot speak on this.” The local city manager said the Chinese-owned company was “kicked out of Canada, got kicked out of Texas, and came to California.”

We need answers as to why the Newsom Administration offered $360,000 in funding to the lab then tried to conceal its discovery. I’ve called for an investigation and am preparing a formal request for an oversight hearing on Capitol Hill.

Your humble West Coast, Messed Coast™ correspondent has scheduled an interview with Kiley this week and plans to reach out to the governor’s office on this bubbling scandal.

All Hail Hillary

Now, all of a sudden, it’s OK to name a hurricane the same name as the phone-shattering, email-deleting, Benghazi-snoozing, Russian collusion-creating, BleachBit blonde, Hillary.

As of publication, the rare West Coast, Messed Coast™ hurricane has reached Category 4 status and threatens the west coasts of Mexico and California. The system threatens to bring “catastrophic and life-threatening flooding” over Baja and Southern California in the coming week.


I’ve seen the kind of flooding they’re predicting firsthand in So Cal with similar El Niño conditions decades ago. If you think it’s ugly when Californians try to drive in the rain, then get ready for drive-mageddon.

Oh, and think sandbags, California.

Fire Season on the West Coast, Messed Coast™

Eastern Washington state is contending not only with smoke from Canadian fires polluting its air, but from its own homegrown wildfires near Spokane.

The Gray Fire, as it’s being called, has incinerated multiple homes and threatened many more. And, as of publication, the 3,000+ acre fire was threatening the Eastern State Hospital, Medical Lake, Cheney, and the I-90 interstate – a main throughway for truckers from east of the Cascade Mountain Range to Seattle.

West Coast, Messed Coast™ Not Ready for Prime Time Players

First, the decriminalized marijuana use, and now among the biggest scandals on the West Coast, Messed Coast™ is the passage of laws approving “personal” amounts of hard drugs. This has led to an explosion of addled drug tourists who have flocked to the coast in search of the smoke-your-rent, live-in-a-tent zeitgeist.


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In Washington, Democrats refused to roll back the laws that created the disaster on the streets. Drug dealers pose as the homeless, set up tents, and deal to the locals.

In Portland, it’s a disaster that didn’t have to happen.

This guy’s peeing in what Portlanders call a Benson Bubbler. The city spent big money to get the 19th-century water fountains back up and running, but now the homeless drug addicts use them for toilets.

Just like what their leaders are doing to the city.

The program to implement the drug decriminalization law, Measure 110, has been an utter calamity. This week the man who headed the program, Dr. Angela Carter, resigned.

Homeless advocate Kevin Dahlgren says Carter’s resignation is “a step in the right direction considering we have a record number of overdoses and deaths.”


He called on the Oregon Health Authority to “do better.”

Former Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis observed that “Measure 110 can take credit for possibl[y] the worst overdose situation of all 50 states with Multnomah County report[ing] a 550% increase in synthetic opiate (fentanyl) deaths between 2018 and 2023. The only hope is to re-refer Measure 110 and repeal it!”

This chick would fit right into the West Coast, Messed Coast™ – plus, we’ll bet she’s handy to have around on a fishing trip.

We’re betting that most of these West Coast, Messed Coast™ cities would be better run by the top 50 customers at the famous Portland head shop and record store Music Millennium than by the people elected to do it.

Until next week, keep your head up and remember First Principles. Somebody’s got to.

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