George Floyd's Family Meets With Joe Biden On Anniversary of His Death. Will the Riots Come Up?

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Tuesday marks the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. President Biden plans to welcome Floyd’s family members to the White House, a move that further taints the jury pool while ratifying the preferred narrative that the cops awaiting trial are guilty of murder.


Former officer, Derek Chauvin, was found guilty of murdering Floyd by what appears to have been a rigged jury. Biden urged the jury to make the “right” decision – that Chauvin was guilty – while they deliberated, an attempt, intended or not, to telegraph to the nation and future jurors that any motion for retrial or appeal filed by Chauvin should be a non-starter. At least one of the jurors deciding the guilt or innocence of Chauvin was a BLM protester who went to Washington, DC to see Floyd’s family members speak at a March on Washington. He claimed on his jury form that he’d never attended such a protest.

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Three of the four officers in front of the Cup Foods last May 25, 2020, one of whom was just days on the job, await trial on various charges and, naturally, just as he did during the Chauvin trial, Biden is attempting to put his thumb on the scales of justice to rig their trials, too.

After the Chauvin circus, the judge pushed out the date of the other three officers’ trial, hoping for emotions to tamp down. Good luck with that.

Floyd’s death that day was a horrible scene in which the fentanyl and meth-fueled 6’4″, 250-pound man was reported for passing fake $20 bills. Police responded and Floyd immediately began excuse-making, and resisting, claiming that he couldn’t breathe more than 20 times, for example, when police were trying to get him into the back of the police cruiser. They eventually let Floyd lie down on the street where they held the combative man with various holds of his legs, back, neck, and shoulder.


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Eventually, Floyd really did have trouble breathing, but the officer in charge that day, Derek Chauvin, kept his hold in place, alternating the location while he waited for medics.

The prosecution settled on one theory of why Floyd died that day. It wasn’t the knee to the neck hold, it was simply that Floyd was prone on the ground – not that he was high, not that his heart condition, smoking, drug addiction, or previous case of COVID contributed to his health issues that day but that cops kept him in the prone position.

Though the Associated Press reporter Alexandra Jaffee claimed that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, anyone who watched the trial knew there were various holds used by police on Floyd. Maybe those crack fact-checkers will … oh, who am I kidding?

Black Lives Matter continues to aver that Floyd’s race and police racism were the reasons he died that day, but there was never any evidence or assertions in the court case to that effect. Not one wisp of a vestige of a whisper of evidence was ever presented on this score.


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Outside the fortified courthouse, it was clear enough for all to see that antifa, Black Lives Matter, looters and arsonists considered Floyd’s death evidence of racism. Why else would the Third Police Precinct be sacked, looted, and torched?

Why else would race-hustling attorney Benjamin Crump announce the $27 million settlement deal during jury selection and Congresswoman Maxine Waters show up the jurors’ final weekend before sequestration to threaten more violence if Chauvin wasn’t found “guilty, guilty, guilty”?

Two billion dollars, and probably more, in insurance claims from all over the country attest to the potency of that narrative. Anyone who disagreed was a racist or worse.

Chauvin may have been found guilty anyway, but it would have been nice if he’d had a fair trial. This fiasco was nothing less than a case of mob justice.


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The Louis Vuitton and Apple stores weren’t safe in Portland and LA because of George Floyd.

Where did all those purses stolen in honor of George Floyd go anyway? Rioters, looters, and arsonists were set free by Democrat prosecutors because of the “racist” killing. Few of them worried about having to pay for their crimes.

And now Joe Biden will meet with Floyd’s grieving family. Under ordinary circumstances we want our president to be griever-in-chief, but it’s so, so difficult to separate this grief from the Democrats’ use of this case for political gain. They gaslit America on the gravity and destruction of the riots. They undermined the very notion of equal protection and due process during the past year. They cheered on the rioters and helped bail the criminals out of jail.


They’ve rendered themselves completely untrustworthy.



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