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Kyle Rittenhouse's Attorney Looks at Chauvin 'Media-Gaslit Prosecution' and Wonders if He Can Get a Fair Trial

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One of the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial says deliberations finding him guilty should have been over in 20 minutes, not hours. An alternate juror said she was worried about the riots if the jury came to the wrong decision. The Left’s antifa and BLM shock troops deployed to intimidate witnesses and jurors in Minneapolis. The mob remained outside the courthouse for the duration of the trial. The air was filled with police flash-bangs and the stench of flaming kerosene from Molotov cocktails on some nights. Even Maxine Waters came to town to do some verbal bomb-throwing.

And watching all of this is Robert Barnes, who is concerned about the “mob” justice he just witnessed in the trial of the former cop convicted of killing George Floyd. He believes his client, Kyle Rittenhouse, is the next victim of a political prosecution featuring the same media narrative-setting and mob behavior.

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He told PJ Media the Chauvin jurors had their minds made up before setting foot in the courthouse for the first time.

Chauvin Verdict: All guilty. Less than a full day of deliberations for a three week trial in a factually complex and legally complicated case. Means the jury made up its mind likely before they sat down, and definitely by end of opening statements, with no committed hold outs.

The well-known defense attorney and co-host of the popular and informative Viva Frei and Barnes legal podcast on thinks that what happened to Chauvin was “mob” justice.

With news that juror #52, Brandon Mitchell, lied on a jury questionnaire about attending a “Take Your Knee Off Our Necks” George Floyd-related protest in Washington, D.C., in order to get picked for the jury, the deck was stacked against the reviled former police officer from the git-go.

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Mitchell even bragged about staying cool and calm during the attorney questioning so as to not look like a hothead during jury selection.

Barnes says Chauvin’s defense was beaten before opening arguments.

Defense likely misread the jury, and also likely means it was not possible to get a fair jury in this case at this time in that city.

Barnes told PJ Media he will do his utmost to fight a similar “media-gaslit prosecution…” in the Kenosha trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who defended himself against three violent antifa rioters who came after him during the Kenosha George Floyd riots.

The mob has already gone after and doxxed the people donating to a Rittenhouse legal fund.

A police officer was fired for giving 25 bucks to the Rittenhouse legal defense fund.

Barnes says the Chauvin trial will embolden the government to “double down on these media-gaslit prosecutions.”

Government will likely now double down on these type of media-gaslit prosecutions, and makes the Rittenhouse defense all that more important. That is how I will react to this troubling verdict: doing all I can to not see such a process repeat itself in Rittenhouse. The response to something bad is always to try to do more good.

And he’s going to double down on his own battle against the media narrative about this case.

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On the radio.

In the newspapers like The New York Post.

Rittenhouse is charged with killing two rioters who attacked him and severely wounding another one who pulled a gun on him during the Kenosha riots last August. Rittenhouse says his actions were done in self-defense. Many experts agree that it was a clear-cut case of self-defense. He’s out of jail on $2,000,000 bail while awaiting trial.

The now-18-year-old fired his previous lawyers, including Lin Wood. Barnes got a delay in the start of the trial. It’s set to start in November.

Maybe the mobs will die down by then. Maybe not.