Psy-Op Much? Antifa Stages 'Love' March in Portland Neighborhood it Just Trashed – and Attacks ICE HQ

Twitter screenshot (@gravemorgan).

Antifa showed up in a Portland neighborhood it had trashed just days before to share “love” with angry residents by staging a “clean up” march while, in another part of town, others were massing to trash the ICE headquarters. It was a display of psy-ops, disinformation, and misdirection from the well-organized group.


Saturday night in the Pearl District of Portland, the black-bloc outfitted, masked antifa members blocked streets while marching with a banner which read, “antifa loves you.” Mobsters broke off from the crowd to “wash windows” of alarmed businesses and pick up trash, while at the same time distributing paper flyers accusing Portland police officers of murder. Marchers blew bubbles.

It was certainly a more brazen approach from the violent anarcho-communist mob, whose main job is breaking windows, not washing them.

Antifa-approved media member Grace Morgan accompanied the mob, which came at about 9 p.m. local time for what she called  a “community beautifying event.”

I’m with a group of 100 blac block in the Portland Pearl district for a community beautifying event. They are here wash windows, pick up trash, and put flowers around the neighborhood. Two vans loaded with riot cops wait near by. #PortlandProtests

The mob blocked streets to hold their banners declaring police officers murderers and professing that “antifa loves you.”


Biden DHS Responds as Antifa Rioters Again Set Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland

Angry Pearl District neighbors well remember the last time antifa and BLM mobs roamed their area, smashing windows, predating on pedestrians, and scaring people who were finally allowed to go out to dinner.

This time they were back to continue to terrorize neighbors by calling it a “clean up.”

Portland police officers broke up the party as best they could about 40 minutes later by issuing a call for “credentialed media” to meet them at a nearby street where they would be released “one at a time.” That was new, too. There were probably very few, if any, “credentialed media” at the event.

Antifa has beaten multiple independent journalists, live streamers, and others – Andy Ngo and Mike Strickland to name two –  if they fail to swear fealty and fail to issue reports from anything other than the anarcho-communist group’s perspective.

Saturday night’s “love” march looked like a psy-op and acted as a way to decoy the Portland Police Bureau officers.

And at least one antifa ally thought it looked that way, too.


Hellhole Portland: Defunded Police Were Too Busy With Shootings to Stop Antifa Rioters

Earlier that day, Turning Point USA members held a rally  in Olympia, Washington,  about 90 minutes north of Portland. Antifa mobs targeted the rally and threw objects at them. Antifa justified the attack by calling TPUSA “fascists.” The Washington State Patrol refused to arrest antifa assaulters, according to Turning Point’s Katie Daviscourt.

Meanwhile, antifa piled in their cars back to Portland to let the residents of the Pearl District and all of Portland know that after months of destruction, rioting, vandalism, looting, lasers, and IED’s they “love” them.

And just ten minutes from the Pearl District “clean up,” other antifa members collected to trash the ICE building where windows were smashed, someone burned an American flag, and a non-approved antifa media member tried to livestream the activity. Rocks and bottles were thrown at the media member’s vehicle after his or her cover was blown and the vehicle sped away so the journalist could avoid injury.


An angry worker came out to give the mob a piece of his mind with a wrench in hand. He quickly learned he was outnumbered.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he’s sick and tired of antifa trashing neighborhoods and frightening neighbors. He announced in the past few days that he supported the police tactic of “kettling” protesters, basically blocking them in one confined space, such as a city block with large buildings on each side, to prevent rioting.

With antifa’s obvious disinformation and decoy campaign on Saturday, combined with its ongoing efforts to embed members in government and community groups, Portland had better watch out or it will end up like Gaza with antifa taking on the role of Hamas.

Victoria Taft is the host of The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it  here.Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 

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