Brandon Straka's 'Walk Away' Facebook Group Deleted in Big-Tech Purge of Conservative Accounts

Facebook screenshot of Brandon Straka.

Big Tech has exacted its revenge on a group of people who left the political Left. Brandon Straka started the “Walk Away” campaign in 2018. The tech assault against Walk Away was just the latest swipe against conservatives from Big Tech companies in their attempt to silence differing political viewpoints from what has become the social media version of the “public square.”


Straka’s sin was encouraging people from the Walk Away campaign to go to the “Save America Rally” on January 6th at the Capitol Ellipse, where President Trump spoke.

Walk Away’s encouragement that people fight for election fairness in support of President Trump was apparently a bridge too far for the Silicon Valley censors.

After the rally, groups splintered off and assaulted the U.S. Capitol Building.

A riot ensued, chaos broke out, and people were hurt.

As a result, Big Tech has canceled, deleted, and censored individuals and groups – including President Donald Trump – who supported the original rally, and Walk Away lost its account in this onslaught.

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Straka says his group hasn’t broken any rules and hasn’t been told why his group has been taken off of Facebook, but judging by the censorship, Big Tech censors are clearly displeased by the actions of the rioters who assaulted the U.S. Capitol Building.

Straka had nothing to do with the breach.

His “employees and volunteers” have also been banished from Facebook, according to Straka.

On his personal Facebook page, Straka told followers that he was working to get the Facebook group back up and encouraged people not to abandon Facebook – yet.

Obviously the writing is on the wall that it is time to go. We get it.
[…] We’re trying to get the group back up and our accounts restored.
We’re going to have to have an organized effort to move over somewhere else. In the meantime, we are beginning to rebuild “Walk Away” on Clouthub. I view this as an interim solution.


He said he couldn’t access his private account but somehow he could do a live video and get it posted.

Straka has not only had his main group page deleted by Facebook, but the now right-leaning activist says he has been dropped by email programs Constant Comment and Mailchimp.

Straka says anti-Walk Away subscribed to his email updates and then reported them as spam, getting him banned from those platforms.

Straka says he’s been told to rebuild on Parler but he doesn’t like Parler’s functionality. While he has had a presence on the social media website, he doesn’t see it as a viable option for his group’s needs.

Twitter has also gone after his followers there as well. Many conservatives have reported losing large numbers of followers on the platform. Straka says he’s lost more than 63,000 followers. He put a photo of his lost followers on Twitter.



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