There Are a Lot of Phony Claims, But There Was at Least One Antifa Ally Inside the U.S. Capitol

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Odd videos, fuzzy photos, disinformation, cases of “mistaken” identity, charges, and counter-charges have filled Twitter timelines and Facebook posts since the siege began at the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon. After things turned violent, the finger-pointing began and so did the apparent disinformation and psy-ops campaigns.


Among the narratives being bandied about were those who claimed the cops let the protesters into the building, of which there’s plenty of evidence, as I reported .

Another narrative appeared almost at the same time: antifa did it.

Judging by some of the recognizable antifa antics seen on Wednesday the idea had merit. But was it accurate?

Former New York Police Chief Bernard Kerik amplified video of a protester who brought a hammer with him to break windows. The crowd chanted “Antifa! Antifa! Antifa!” and cheered when those near the hammer-wielding man pulled him down and stopped the attack.

Who brings a hammer to a protest? Antifa.

And it’s understandable that, ordinarily, peaceful protesters would be shocked by a helmet-wearing weirdo who was literally hanging off the walls in the House chambers. Who does this kind of stunt? Antifa.


Not only did people not recognize the people pulling off those stunts, they couldn’t fathom what kind of people would do these things. This man from Pennsylvania who’s in public safety said he’s convinced antifa was involved.

The man says that as soon as he heard about clashes at the Capitol, he left.

Federal authorities found eleven Molotov cocktails “ready to go” at the Capitol. Who does this sound like? Antifa.

Unless there are arrest records, we won’t be able to compare and verify if these vandals and violent protesters were “comrades,” as antifa and BLM call themselves.

Almost immediately, the people disavowing the agitators began posting photos and claiming they were antifa protesters.

A guy wearing horns and some weird fur get-up, who’s been seen at Black Lives Matter rallies, was called out. But it turns out that he is a QAnon supporter and two others were avowed white supremacists, according to Ian Miles Cheong, who chronicles antifa and the protest scene. A story in The Washington Times claimed that facial recognition technology identified the people as antifa. Cheong reported that they most certainly are not.


One case of antifa infiltration that appears to have merit is the case of John Sullivan. He’s a man of the Left and a BLM/antifa protester from Utah. He was interviewed near the Capitol on Wednesday and admitted to being inside with the protesters. Like the entertainer Madonna, Sullivan was seen last in August in Washington calling for destroying the White House and encouraging a mob to “rip the president” out of the Oval Office.

KUTV reporter Heidi Hatch confirmed that Sullivan was seen inside the Capitol.

“John Sullivan known on the Utah protest scene was inside the U.S. Capitol. He got in through a broken window. He says he was there to document the protest. No matter what he watched a woman die and could now face charges.”


The reporter noted that his favorite hashtags for his social media posts are “#blm #antifa #burn #fu*kthesystem #abolishthepolice #fuc*trump”

He says he’s the founder of Insurgence USA, “a group for racial justice and police reform.”

Sullivan says he was there to “document” the protest – yet another member of the protester “press.” He says the Trump supporters weren’t trying to burn anything down or destroy anything.

Protesters weren’t really, like, trying to burn anything down, they weren’t really trying to break anything, their main motive was to make it into the chambers.

KUTV reports that Sullivan claims to have been next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot dead by police.

I remember looking into her eyes and seeing the lifelessness and understanding that she was dead.

Antifa and other Leftist activists immediately went online to note their attempts to cut ties with Sullivan, a man who claims to post “riot porn” on his myriad websites. In November, Sullivan was allegedly disavowed by antifa, which appeared to be affronted by his self-aggrandizement. Fascists don’t like competition. Plus, antifa claims that Sullivan’s brother is a man of the right, who has spoken at a Proud Boys gathering in the Portland area. Apparently, that’s too close for comfort for the antifa crowd.


Congressman Mo Brooks also suggested that antifa could have played a role in the crashing of the Capitol because representatives had been forewarned.

Some of the people who went inside the Capitol live-streamed from Nancy Pelosi’s office. They weren’t setting it on fire, so those people probably were not antifa.

Antifa routinely sends out flyers encouraging members and allies to dress up as Trump supporters and cause trouble. It’s unclear whether the flyers are legitimately from antifa, but that’s part of the protest game.

It’s entirely possible they were at the Capitol in larger numbers. Or not. We know at least one was.

Drew Hernandez, who has seen plenty of the “summer of love” violent protests, commented on the Left’s reaction to the breach of the Capitol:


It’s truly hilarious to see leftists and democrats all of a sudden calling for law and order. Literally all of  you leftists have been silent all 2020 while BLM and Antifa burned down buildings.

But we do know who will take the blame for whatever damage and law-breaking there was at the Capitol this week.

As one observer pointed out.

I’m sure we’ll learn that there was a meld of bad actors from a spectrum of political ideologies…but ultimately all the blame will be shouldered on peaceful conservatives.

This will depend on who writes the history books and who’s locked up. Those who face charges may be in prison for a long time. Under President Trump, the punishment for attacking federal monuments was increased and some of the people who attacked the Capitol Wednesday could spend as much as ten years in federal prison.


Victoria Taft is the host of  “The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it here. Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 

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