Report: Portland Police Declaring Riots Against All Those White People Is 'Racist'

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We’ve stooped to new lows for excusing violent rioters in Portland. Now it’s “racist” to declare a riot.

Throughout the latest spate of planned violence on the streets of America, the Left has peddled the notion that everything having to do with law enforcement is racist. Leftists claim that the very notion of police was founded in slavery. It wasn’t. And now some are claiming that the very act of describing violent acts of arson, looting, and attacks on police as a “riot” is itself racist.


The idea that one of the most liberal states on the planet is racist because the police describe a riot as a “riot” is the biggest case of gaslighting since actual gas set one of the Left’s buddies on fire.

Oregon’s public radio outlet has declared that if Portland police declare a riot, it’s not really because it’s a riot, it’s a riot because it is based in racist law.

Ooooh, we see.

Laws governing what constitutes an “unlawful assembly” or “riot” in Oregon have roots in the state’s deeply racist history.

Of course, the wokest of woke police forces, whose latest chief is approved by Black Lives Matter, Inc™ (BLM) and the local black churches, is overseeing the riot response so the allegation makes little to no sense.

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Portland police have declared twenty-four riots since the antifa and BLM reign of terror began in the Rose City on May 29th in reaction to the death of George Floyd (remember him?). And we’re to believe they’re all based on police officers’ “racist” beliefs or enforcing “racist” law and not based on the activities of the rioters? Furthermore, how is it racist to declare a riot against mostly white rioters?


As I pointed out in this story about Portland police officers bailing out at a record rate, being racist against the overwhelmingly white protesters isn’t one of the criteria for declaring a riot.

In nearly every case of a declared riot, police have been assaulted by rioters or residents have been put in danger.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell explained after a riot had been declared that setting an apartment building on fire when it’s full of people is criminal behavior.

Last night a residential apartment building was broken into and a fire was lit inside the building. Over the past several weeks, we have seen arson at occupied police precincts as well as the PPA office which is tucked into a residential neighborhood. Last night marked yet another escalation of the senseless violence. The families that live inside have done absolutely nothing to provoke a threat to their lives.


Apparently that was unclear to the rioters. But they’re sure it was racist.

Rioters have used fire at a time when the Pacific Northwest is tinder dry and up in flames.

Portland Police Hesitate to Put Out Antifa Fire Despite Countywide Burn Ban

But despite the activities of the rioters – assaults on people, fire setting, and bomb tossing – there are still some true believers out there who claim that when police report riots, they are just part of structural racism and not calling out actual riots.

6 People = a Riot in Oregon, if @PortlandPolice Declare it a Riot/Unlawful Assembly. It’s based on Archaic Racist Laws that targeted Black/Asian folks, but they won’t be changing that. Ted & #KateBrown love their #WhiteSupremacist Authoritarian Law System.

And who promulgates that nonsense? Why it’s Rep. Janelle Bynum, Democrat. She makes laws. She told OPB that the riot laws were developed to go after minorities.


“A lot of the riot and crowd control philosophy and statute was developed around the ’60s and ’70s when protests around some of the very same things — rights for Black people — were taking place in the state and particularly in Portland,” Bynum said.

So, naturally, riotous behavior by a coven of white people isn’t really riotous behavior. The antifa-friendly district attorney, in fact, says some rioters shouldn’t be prosecuted for rioting. Mike Schmidt has implemented a catch-and-release policy.

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These people are back on the street again. This first one threw Molotov cocktails. She’s free now.

Portland police told OPB that a riot is declared if as many as six people get out of control.

“A riot is when six or more persons engage in tumultuous and violent conduct,” Portland Police Bureau Deputy Chief Chris Davis recently explained in a video posted online, “thereby intentionally or recklessly create a grave risk of causing public alarm.”


And it takes an escalating level of violence to get to the point where a riot is declared.

Portland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Greg Pashley told PJ Media via an email that not every act of violence results in an “unlawful assembly” or riot.

The Incident Command may make determination that an assembly is unlawful, simply due to repeated or consistent unlawful activity by members of [a] crowd, but that may not rise to the state definition or our directives definition of a riot

Really, any march that steps off a curb and blocks traffic is unlawful if there is not a permit, since it is against the law to block vehicle or pedestrian traffic on a road. But, that behavior is not a riot.  And just because people are acting in a manner that is unlawful, like blocking traffic on a road without a permit, their actions do not always lead to a riot.

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To summarize the current rioter viewpoint: We’re out rioting because of racism. Police aren’t police because they have no moral authority because the very idea of policing is born of slavery. Also, riot isn’t riot because it, too, was derived from racist beliefs and not because riots are violent thug fests. Therefore, riots are virtuous.


Got it?

Now, where’s that gaslight guy?

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