Clueless: Portland Mayor Blames Trump for 'Escalating' Antifa and BLM Riots

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For 46 nights, downtown Portland has been the scene out of a post-apocalyptic graphic novel with shadowy black-clad, tattooed antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters taking hammers and skateboards to bash-in the windows of banks, public buildings, and the heads of federal officers. But now the Portland mayor says the riots are President Trump’s fault.


The Mark O. Hatfield Justice Center, Portland’s federal courthouse, has been under siege nearly every night by rioters attempting to bash in the doors, set fires, and loot it.

President Trump sent in extra federal agents to defend the building.

The Portland Police Officers Association, which itself has become a target for antifa, has issued a no-confidence vote in political Portland.

An exasperated Portland police union President Daryl Turner said in a news conference, “I have no confidence that city council will stand up for all of Portland. I have no confidence that the city will stop the rioting and the looting and protect the safety and livelihood of Portlanders.”

Portland police ‘defunded’ and murders, shootings go up

There’s been an uptick in the murder rate in Portland at the same time the mayor has begun to “defund the police.”


There’s been an increase in the incidence of shootings in Portland.

There have been four police chiefs in four years.

Portland prosecutors have arrested and then released dozens of rioters, dropping charges against many of them.

By contrast, the Department of Justice has federally charged as many as 17 rioters.

Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Beaten Up and Hit With Cement by Antifa in Portland, Says Police Did Nothing

Portland mayor: It’s all Trump’s fault

But, sure, Mayor Ted Wheeler says it’s all President Donald Trump’s fault for “escalating” the already-occurring riots because he was “heavy-handed” in keeping the federal courthouse from getting sacked.

This injury occurred after a federal officer defending the courthouse was struck multiple times in the head and shoulders with a hammer wielded by a terrorist.


Asked about Portland, President Trump said, “We’ve done a great job in Portland. Portland was totally out of control. They went in and I guess they have many people right now in jail. We very much quelled it. If it starts against, we’ll quell it again, very easily. It’s not hard to do.”

Portland politicos defend antifa

The Portland mayor is upset that federal officers, who have been using non-lethal and LEGAL methods to keep the rioters at bay, hit and injured a rioter with a munition of some sort, possibly a gas canister.

Wheeler, who has never lifted a finger to help any law-abiding Portlander injured by antifa – including Mike Strickland, Andy Ngo, and many others – was concerned about the injured … terrorist.

“A person was seriously injured in Portland last night. This should not have happened. I spoke with US Attorney Bill Williams about the injuries and learned that the U.S. Marshals Service will be conducting a full investigation.


to end the nightly violence as quickly and safely as possible. I am calling on the federal government to adhere to the same directives as our Portland Police Bureau when it comes to crowd control munitions.

Congressional delegation condemns Trump, not antifa or BLM


Wheeler and the Oregon congressional delegation have done more to condemn President Trump for defending the federal building than it has to blame antifa and Black Lives Matter militants for the millions of dollars in damage done, people injured, and disrupted lives in Portland, Oregon.

KOIN 6 News says the entire congressional delegation condemned the president but not the rioters.

Oregon’s elected leaders — Gov. Kate Brown, Sen. Ron Wyden, Mayor Wheeler and others — all denounced the actions of the federal officers and laid the blame on President Trump’s decision to deploy these officers to Portland.

Here’s a daytime photo of some of the destruction left behind by antifa and BLM after more than 40 days of riots.

Ironically, the pandemic could provide the excuse the limp leaders of Portland seek to reign in rioters. Governor Kate Brown has just reinstituted mandatory mask-wearing outside – perfect for antifa, but — and here’s the hook — no gatherings of ten or more. No more wedding receptions, funeral gatherings, and church services. Or riots?


Do you suppose Portland’s prosecutors will go after the rioters now?

Get outta here. It’s all Trump’s fault.


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